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    Rekx reacted to BuckGup in Windows 10 God Mode   

    To enable it: Create a new folder on your Windows desktop (New > Folder) and save it with the text below:
    Command for it.
    I guess they have not gotten rid of it and added a couple changes here and there.
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    Rekx reacted to leelaa14 in A guy on Facebook is doing an amazing deal..   
    You may think it's good for non techie people but honestly, most people have windows updates enabled by default, there is next to nothing that you need to do lol.
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    Rekx reacted to AlwaysFSX in A guy on Facebook is doing an amazing deal..   
    Making money off of idiots is the best way to make money.
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    Rekx reacted to Derangel in Firefox boss attacks Microsoft over the default browser settings in Windows 10   
    Really? What a ridiculous thing to bitch about. As soon as I opened Chrome after upgrading it asked if I wanted to use it as default. Click yes, opens up a settings screen, then you click on Edge and it will give you a list of other browsers to set as default.
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    Rekx reacted to Kherm in Anyone Else annoyed at Linus Begging for Likes?   
    Is "if you liked it, leave a like" Begging?
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    Rekx reacted to amorassofpixelz in Best sounding headphones under $100 USD   
    HyperX Clouds. Excellent sound, they're comfortable as hell, and they come with a butt-load of accessories. Plus, they're sturdy and look pretty good, though not gorgeous.
    EDIT - it has a mic, but it can be detached, and it has a plug to cover the port
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    Rekx reacted to LucidMew in Kim Dotcom answers questions on slashdot   
    original source: http://yro.slashdot.org/story/15/07/27/200204/interviews-kim-dotcom-answers-your-questions
    Select Q and A's (emphasis mine)
    Well damn. This is the first time that I've heard anything about the Chinese taking it over and then the NZ government taking it back. I actually trust Dotcom and his business practices always seem to be legally gray, with a big middle finger to "the authority" and siding with the technologically literate commonfolk. I regularly use Mega and Mega sync, and will move where ever he goes. I'm more attached to the "CEO" than I am to the company.
    And somehow or another, no mainstream journalism is capitalizing on this quote. 
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    Rekx reacted to GoodBytes in Windows 10 Service Release 1 coming early August - Out now!   
    The Service Release 1 has been released by Microsoft.
    You should start having it in your Windows 10 Update if it's not already installed.
    The size of the update varies based on your system configuration and what currently installed updates you have.
    The Update code is: KB3081424 if you wonder.
    Not much details given on the update so far, beside that it contains bug fixes (mostly on the back of the OS), and performance improvements (although no details on how much, probably minor, but hey it's better than nothing). But you can read the KB file here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3081424 for more details
    Source: http://www.winbeta.org/news/windows-10-receives-its-first-set-fixes-service-release-1-cumulative-update
    Original News
    The Verge reports that its sources indicates that Microsoft plans to release a big update for Windows 10.

    The update includes numerous fixes that users have discovered and experiencing with Windows 10. It is not expected to include new features, just mass number of fixes. The company has been hard at work to make Windows 10 ready, even slow down development of Windows 10 Mobile OS to a point to cause it to delay, to make sure Windows 10 is running smoothly for everyone as quickly as possible.
    Soon after SR1, Microsoft is expected to release new builds for testers, which is expected to include Edge extension support, Skype new Universal App, and possibly other improvements.
    Source: http://www.theverge.com/2015/7/30/9072271/microsoft-windows-10-updates
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    Rekx reacted to Nineshadow in According To 8chan's /tech/, Windows 10 Could Be Fairly Malicious   
    "Windows 10 uses P2P for updates! Ah, Microsoft is Satan!!!!!"
    And yes, you can turn off Windows Defender. Mine is turned off. It was turned off by default, since I had BitDefender installed.
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    Rekx reacted to comicsansms in Stream security flaws allows hacking   
    This is a repost:
    I will find the link!
    Link: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/415584-steam-hacked-but-dont-panic-the-exploit-is-now-fixed/
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    Rekx reacted to Aniallation in Stream security flaws allows hacking   
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    Rekx reacted to GoodBytes in Windows 10 has been, or will be downloaded today for those who reserved - Don't delete C:\$windows.~BT   
    In the case anyone notices that their C:\ drive just got smaller in terms of free space. The Windows 10 reservation software has already downloaded Windows 10 setup for the upgrade on July 29th, for many. Others will be downloaded today. If you were late to the reservation, or Microsoft servers are too busy, or you are not online for a while, you'll get the OS update the 29th, or even later on, possibly reaching a week or so after Windows 10 has been released.

    Windows 10 upgrade setup is located in: C:\$windows.~BT. It could be in a different drive if there insufficient space on C:\
    So, if you notice this folder, and wonder what it is. Don't delete it. (The folder might be marked as 'hidden').

    Microsoft will unlock and activate the Windows 10 install at midnight tonight. However, the entire distribution is in waves, which can up to a month, if you are unlucky.

    The size of the folder is bigger than expected, as it includes large day 1 patch. Once completed, the folder size will be ~6GB.

    Source: http://www.theverge.com/2015/7/28/9055065/windows-10-pre-download-windows-7-windows-8-pcs

    Important Note:
    If you see that Windows 10 is downloaded but it not upgrading this is because:
    It is being deployed in waves, to limit damages from Microsoft side if something is discovered.
      Your system is not Windows 10 ready driver wise. This means that your system is OK, but some driver(s) have bug(s) which will break the Windows 10 experience to you. Once the manufacture releases a fix, then your Windows will be ready to install and enjoy. To know which one affected you, the "Get Windows 10" app, will tell you which ever is the case. It will tell you either:
    It is being deployed in waves (specifically)
    or We're validating your PC. (clicking in "More information" will tell you that Microsoft is working with partners to make sure your PC is ready) In this thread, it is discussed on how to force the install.
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    Rekx reacted to Rohith_Kumar_Sp in Mafia 3 Officially Announced. [Update - Trailer Released]   
    Update : 

    Mafia III is officially in development, 2K has confirmed.
    Details are thin on the ground at the moment, though more will apparently be revealed at Gamescom, where the official announcement trailer will be revealed on August 5 at 5am PT / 8 am PT / 1pm GMT.

    The game already has a teaser image, though the trailer won’t appear online until the 5th of August, which also happens to be the same day as Microsoft’s Xbox conference for Gamescom, meaning there might be some form of partnership there, though that is pure speculation. Sony is not having a Gamescom briefing this year, so that rules them out.

    2 times in my life have i felt sad for a character dying in a game, Ezio's family and Vito's friend Joe in Mafia 2. hope 2k goes for a story heavy game rather than action based like games have turned into since Madia 2 was released. really excited to visit vintage era. i really love that time period. 

    Official youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/MafiaGame
    Source : http://www.gamespot.com/articles/mafia-3-confirmed-full-reveal-coming-next-month/1100-6429230/

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    Rekx got a reaction from Anthony10 in Asus Z170 motherboards (update: round up)   
    This has already been posted.
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    Rekx reacted to Jonnyswboy in Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 %78 OFF up to 3 PC   
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    Rekx reacted to niofalpha in EK- Predator : EK's AiO announced at Quake Con   
    Sause: http://www.overclock.net/t/1566468/ek-predator-product-news-discussion-thread

    Currently no word on pricing. 
    This seems interesting. I may get one of these if they're a good price and expand it later. This seems like it could possibly canabilize the sales of the EKWB Water cooling kits tho.
    Edit: Press Release http://site.ekwb.com/news/623/19/EK-Predator-is-setting-a-new-standard-for-AIO-liquid-cooling/
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    Rekx reacted to NumLock21 in Asus Z170 dedicated pump header   
    Not much info on this, but according to Asus, this special header lets you control the water pump from the bios or within the OS. Don't know how it works or how they're different from standard 4 pin fan headers, but it does sound like a cool feature.
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    Rekx reacted to Swndlr in Shield portable or compute stick   
    Theyre both completely different products, itd help to know what you plan on doing.
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    Rekx got a reaction from joshmcd in Visual Studio 2015!   
    I used it when it was in beta. I enjoyed it a lot. I personally don't get why people seem to hate on Visual Studio
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    Rekx reacted to Lays in So, this guy on youtube said you can see more then 30fps (NSFW)   
    IMO yes, when I dip to 60 FPS on my 144hz screen, i notice right away. 60 looks really choppy now.
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    Rekx reacted to ddswh1pk0s in Your most bittersweet tech moments?   
    When I was building my first PC about 7 months ago, I looked everywhere for the SATA data cable to plug my hard drive in. Checked every box and package like 5 times and couldn't find it anywhere, so I bought one and just used that. About a month later when I bought another hard drive I opened up my motherboard box to get a hard drive bracket and guess what the first thing I see is when I open the box...
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    Rekx reacted to Sidiox in Anonymous attacking IS supporters on Twitter by mixing in Anime Girls   
    Nice. A lovely way to undermine the IS efforts
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    Rekx reacted to pjm0925 in Anonymous attacking IS supporters on Twitter by mixing in Anime Girls   
    This is pretty funny
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    Rekx reacted to Oshino Shinobu in Anonymous attacking IS supporters on Twitter by mixing in Anime Girls   
    Oh, how appropriate for me to make a post that involves anime girls.
    Anonymous has been attacking various sources of IS propaganda and supporters by taking sites over, taking them down and generally being a nuisance to IS websites and profiles in an attempt to disrupt the flow of support for quite a while now. However, they seem to be taking a new, rather unusual approach to attacking Twitter accounts by mixing in Anime Girls with the propaganda in order to influence search engine results. Hopefully, searching for IS websites will just turn up a load of results for cat girls and giant mecha robots. 
    Some of the accounts that they have managed to take over have already been taken down as a result of their actions, so it is clearly working. sending messages and updates with images of "ISIS-Chan" seems to be working.