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    Gigabyte Z930 Auros Pro WiFi
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    16GB Corsair Vengence RGB DDR4 3000
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    EVGA 2080 Ti XC
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  1. Concerns are valid here, but I think the fact that certain politicians were first in line for It should speak to how confident they are in it being safe.
  2. Facebook doesn't count as research. There are definitely concerns, but I see absolutely nothing wrong with mandatory vaccinations (with exceptions for the incredibly small group of people that can't get certain ones). For COVID they really do need something that can't easily be faked. I don't think an app on a phone is a great solution though.
  3. You can always leave if you don't like it. The forum has rules. They're plainly stated. Deal with it. On topic: Eh. Outside of them screwing up the FAQ and not saying they were changing lines this is a whole lot of nothing. The devs weren't happy with the lines, they changed them to something they liked better. Meh. Don't see any reason to get all pissy and worked up over a few line changes when it was the original developers themselves choosing to make the change.
  4. I'm not going to jump to conclusions, but there is a lot of stuff going on with MSI right now that is VERY suspect. That said, I hope no one got hurt (or worse) from the fire.
  5. That's why you back up important things BEFORE there is a need to do data recovery. There really isn't an excuse for people not to have some kind backup for important data in this day and age. This has been a common sense for decades.
  6. Don't get exposed? Do you know how easy to is to find people's information these days? Especially if that person is even remotely known. You don't even have to do anything wrong yourself for your information to be out there. MS wouldn't handle this themselves. It would be up to Rare's community team. As for the "streaming service". HA! No chance. Twitch will prioritize making their big partners happy over anything else. They only care about ad revenue and refuse to punish big streamers for anything, unless it becomes unprofitable to continue ignoring it.
  7. The quality of EVGA's RMA refurb units can be suspect at times, but I've never had a single problem with their CS and getting stuff replaced if needed.
  8. Nintendo generally doesn't seem to mind the open source projects existing. I imagine they keep tabs on them and use their findings in order to patch security holes in their systems. As long it's kept open source, free, and as long as the community at large remains anti-piracy their existence seems to be tolerated.
  9. And what's thew price of other consoles in South Africa? Why do people always assume that a supposed (it might not even be the final price) in one country means something will be the same price in all countries?
  10. Your entire argument boils down to "but they could be" which is absolutely shit leg to stand on. "But they could" arguments are meaningless and pointless as they exist solely in theory and have ZERO proof behind them. "But they could" could be applied to literally everything and be as much as a valid argument there as it is here. Substantiate your argument, don't rely on meaningless statements.
  11. Saves space on the PCB that can be used for cooling and/or other components.
  12. True, though going outside the spec tends to result in a lot of negative PR.