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  1. Kinda expected tbh, I've probably spent more on CS micro transactions and Destiny stuff than I have on new games in the past year.
  2. Still don't understand how people here manage to get victim complexes over fucking GPUs

  3. This is apparently a direct sequel to both Olympus and London has fallen.
  4. Better than I expected. After the usual 5-20% less performance from the inhouse benchmarks will still be pretty good. And is anyone else questioning the 6800XT to 6900 having the same TDP?
  5. I expect Intel to try and scoop up market share on the low end, offer a solution similar to SLI with the iGPUs, then 2-4 generations down the line to come in and be reasonably competitive at the mid-high end.
  6. I've got 6 months left till I can upgrade from my XS, I'm not rushing to upgrade. Probably just going to wait for the refresh.
  7. I'm surprised a game that began sales at the height of the anti- Microtransaction jerk was as successful in scamming as many people as it was. The Drama on the subreddit is funny, seeing people refusing to admit they were duped.
  8. Public transit Yes, then fund public transit so it's not shitty. Public transit in America is so shitty because there have been concentrated lobbying efforts for the last century to defund public transit so it's shitty to drive up car ownership rates. And when people say "investing in public transit", a part of it includes bike and pedestrian paths, which has the same (or greater) benefits as public transit. The perfect example of a city that does public transit "right" is Amsterdam (Statistics are similar in The Hague and Rotterdam). There are is only a car for every 4 households, bec
  9. Realistically speaking your CPU is probably fine. I'd go for the better monitor.
  10. God, he's literally just filling the role that religious figures usually fill for the terminally online at this point, isn't he. Making over priced, overhyped electric cars absolutely does not help anyone. If anything, taking government subsidies from alternatives that would actually help with these problems is hurting people. The only thing he's done with Tesla is make a status symbol for affluent liberals, and take billions in government subsidies, while defrauding investors and using it to fund his other scams that sound cool and innovative in theory, but end up being little more th
  11. This showcase was a big let down. I was excited going into it, but coming out I feel let down about everything I was excited for. Definitely not going to be picking up a console this time.
  12. I don't understand how people continue to buy truck loads of snake oil from the same apartheid man child. Animal trials for drugs take at the minimum 3 years for most medical treatments and devices that are relatively mundane (Neuralink has been in development for less than 4) with the FDA requiring that the tests have a "high probability that they will cause minimal harm to the subjects". I doubt that this can be achieved in such an experimental field in such a short time, and regardless, there are the absolute minimum 2 more years, where it will more than likely go to at least 4.