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    Why is it Kansas but it is not Arkansas? AMERICA EXPLAIN!
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    AMD R7 1700X @ 3.9 GHz 1.36V
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    Asus B350-F Strix
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    G.Skill 16GB Ripjaws V 3200 MHz @ 3066 MHz 1.38V
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    EVGA GTX 970 + 160 MHz core, + 400 mem
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    NZXT S340 Black
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    Samsung 850 EVO 250GB (Windows) + OCZ Arc 100 120GB (Storage)
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    EVGA 550GS
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    Asus VG248QE 144hz + Dell U2515H 1440P IPS 60Hz
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    Noctua D15S + color explosion of Noctua fans
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    CM Storm Quickfire Rapid with Cherry MX Greens on custom extended mousemat <3 (plus Mercy Rez symbol for Esc key!)
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    Logitech G403 on custom extended mousemat
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    Mayflower O2/ODAC-> NVX XPT100+ JBL LSR305 + Sennheiser CX 2.00i + AKG K712s
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    Windows 10 Edumacation Edition
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  1. Should I upgrade my 7 Year old PSU?

    The old TX isn't garbage so when it starts to fail I don't think your system will catch fire or anything of that nature. I'd keep it until you upgrade your GPU or you start to notice your system behaving weirdly.
  2. Good budget PSU?

    I'd highly recommend skipping a Coffee Lake non-K CPU and getting a Ryzen counterpart. You can get a 1600 for a fair bit cheaper than that 8400 plus you can get a cheaper board, especially if you don't plan to OC. A CX550M is a good choice, yes.
  3. Are my PC specs running at good power?

    Nothing, software can't do that for you. Don't worry yourself over it.
  4. Are my PC specs running at good power?

    Software like HWMonitor can't measure anything like that from your PSU rails. I wish they just removed that metric from their software as it causes more problems than it solves
  5. Is this power supply enough?

    It's really that bad, yes, and you absolutely should not be overclocking hardware with it. I wouldn't even put a dGPU in a system with your PSU.
  6. psu should fit any case yes?

    An EVGA 1300 G2 cannot fit in all ATX/mATX/ITX chassis, so no, not really. Generally a "normal" sized PSU like a Corsair RM550x will fit in damn near any case that supports ATX PSUs. If you get a longer one you might need to check maximum PSU length with the manufacturer of your chassis.
  7. Is this power supply enough?

    Not long enough, is the answer you're looking for with that PSU. Even if you forego your plans to overclock, I would still recommend a better unit. A Corsair CX450M would power your system with room to spare and without the same risk of dying without warning.
  8. Does my PSU have intake or exhaust fan???

    PSUs use intake fans and heat is blown out the back of the PSU where you plug it in.
  9. They are not the "best" for everyone but they're at a good price point with a lot of features and a very quiet fan. Corsair has better PSUs though in their own lineup, as Jonnyguru pointed out, and if you had unlimited money I would suggest a Seasonic Prime Titanium over a Corsair RMi, thus making the RMi not the "best" PSU out there. What are your system specs and the country you live in? There might be better options for your money.
  10. ACER KG271B 240hz

    I'm fairly certain that every 240Hz 25" monitor has exactly the same panel, so it's the implementation that changes between companies. The Asus 240 Hz monitor, the PG248, is amazing, but very expensive. There are other good ones like the Acer XB2 and the Alienware displays if you want to look into those and they're less than said Asus monitor.
  11. ACER KG271B 240hz

    I notice the extra smoothness. Most people can, but it's whether or not you have the reflexes to make use of it. 27" is huge for 1080P, I really don't recommend it Anyways, the panel in that Acer is identical to this one here, just with Freesync instead of G-sync https://pcpartpicker.com/product/c3tQzy/acer-predator-xb272-bmiprz-270-1920x1080-240hz-monitor-xb272-bmiprz
  12. That's not a great unit. Go for a CX450M or the like.
  13. Is 550 watts enough ?

    That's not how that works for all PSUs, and varies depending on topology, time period where it was made, etc. It's not really even something worth mentioning when buying a PSU.
  14. Is 550 watts enough ?

    The 550W has double what a typical 1070 system will draw. You're fine. Having two monitors doesn't push your GPU any harder than having one. Your idle power draw will mostly come from how much power your monitor draws. Your GPU will only have like .5% of its resources sapped from it. When gaming, your GPU probably hits 100% doing most games at really high settings at 1080P already.