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  1. try some things, so you will know if you like things and you will more likely end up studying things you actually enjoy. for programming, roll a dice to pick a language, make your first "hello, world!" and see if it feels good.
  2. check out pusher.com, depending on your needs and your budget it might be a good choice
  3. so i can't see hdr stuff on my screen... now my question is why is the video showing me differences, if i shouldn't be able to see any?
  4. I don't really understand why i can see the difference between non-HDR and HDR content... on my non-HDR monitor. Can somebody explain that to me? I also compared my mkv of "life of pi" to the footage shown in linus' video... my shadows are looking good. I think that the blue-ray content only looks bad because the tv's settings are terribly messed up. i don't think this ltt's video is a good demo/comparison because i just can't see hdr on my screen, and ltt's post production color correction just violates everything. am i missing something?
  5. so yeah, i knew it right... well i thought it was a buffer overflow, since do things past the limits of your buffer. so, is there no system that checks memory accesses of this kind?
  6. can you buffer overflow in java? and isn't heartbleed a buffer overflow? i barely read something about it, but i was sure it was a BO
  7. his point stands though. unmanaged languages leave the possibility of buffer overflows, which caused huge problems in the recent past. those problems would have never existed if the SSL implementations were written in java or something. the time it takes to rewrite the implementation and the slight eventual performance decrese are orders of magnitude less of a problem than all of the security data of many many servers worldwide being potentially exposed. for how i see it, it's just the good ol' "good enough", nobody decided to make the step towards a much stronger security. what
  8. it should be like 10 different pages, not too much. if you want to do things cool you can pull it off with just 1 well made page that is a template and is quickly parametrized to adapt to the different components. this is the wrong sub for this discussion though open a discussion in the other sub or pm me if you want a deeper explaination
  9. if he manages to collect data in the order ofat least tens per component he could apply some kind of bullshit filter in the backend, but to do that he needs to create a much better form in the first place that collects data in a much more normalized format, so that he can process it very quickly and easily and detect eventual liars ratings like "small 40Hz overclock on both ,stupid voltage locked" are a bit hard for a computer to understand :rolleyes: it's a cool project though
  10. run Valley at Extreme HD preset, so we can compare the results. if you ran it at 1080p those results are definitely very low, in fact your gpu clock is chillin'
  11. are you talking about Schrodinger's cat? it's kinda like what you said, except you measure a quantum superposition instead of a spin, and the physicist is both dead and alive simultaneously until Billy goes in the room to check how he's doing
  12. meanwhile, in a parallel universe "AMD releases its new line of GPUs. not rebadges. beat nVidia flagship. Also, Star Citizen is close to release. Canadian youtuber Linus Sebastian fires his right arm Luke Lafreniere" it's too hard to actually understand the magnitude of universes that would exist if there were one for each possibility. it's also kind of embarassing because even when i do things right, i know i did things wrong in another universe so i gotta feel sorry about the other poor me
  13. i don't have any apple product and i don't wish to, so i'm surely not the fanboy hereI just saw how you replied to me in this thread and how you write in other threads so i thought that nothing good can come out of an argument with you. 'fanboy' and 'troll' isn't a good combination