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  1. I work in IT and the only people I know who use DDG are ones with far-right extreme views claiming Google is censoring them... Which they aren't exactly wrong, but it is quite disheartening that "mainstream" DDG usage seems to be from people using it to look up wrong/false information.
  2. Wonder what the price will be, and the quality of materials. I've bought a few IKEA $200 office chairs before, and they are nice, but little things usually wear down on them like the position lock for the tilt. Damn thing doesn't hold up. I bought a refurbished Hermon Miller Aeron for $400 off of OfferUp and honestly it's 10x better than anything IKEA has put out.
  3. Derp. My bad, thanks for the callout. Fixed numbers...as you can tell, I've been away from the game for a while haha. Sorry, I didn't mean to come off as Nvidia claiming that, I meant it more in a way that some people were hoping for "2x" even though Nvidia did indicate "up to". I'm more invested in Nvidia's claim of "faster than 2080ti" for 3070 because I'm super curious what they mean exactly, especially after them clarifying the 3080 performance.
  4. Great to see benchmarks finally. I personally favor TPU's benchmarks since I've been reading them for almost a decade now and never been steered wrong. 3080 vs 2080ti($999.99(Sept 2018)); 14.94% better at 1080p 23.45% at 1440p 31.57% at 4k 3080 vs 2080 super($699.99(July 2019)); 29.87% at 1080p 42.85% at 1440p 56.25% at 4k 3080 vs 2080 ($699.99(Sept 2018)); 35.13% at 1080p 51.51% at 1440p 66.66% at 4k 3080 vs 1080ti($699.99(March 2017)); 49.25% at 1080p 69.49% at 1440p 88.67% at 4k So looking at
  5. Great to see a $100 difference between the disc and disc-less consoles. I hope game sizes are reduced due to the storage technologies in these new consoles, otherwise the 1TB drive is going to fill up real quick. Gonna suck big time on the disc-less, maybe less so on the disc version... Personally I'm not buying either console this year. There's zero games I want to play except Demon Souls, but the announcement/denial above about a PC release just says to me that they plan on releasing it in the future.
  6. Yes, on the Microsoft Store, however they can't include non-Microsoft games on Game Pass on Steam. Look at EA's "EA Play" subscription on Steam, it doesn't even come close to the amount of games it includes on Origin for the same subscription. Hell here is an image someone on Reddit made that shows the difference of EA Play on the different platforms and the two consoles; It's a licensing issue. EA and Microsoft cannot license all their 3rd party games on other platforms. The only way to get a lot of games would be if Steam created a Steam Pass or something
  7. No problem, I was a bit direct in my first post, so clarification probably was needed haha...yeah it's a huge issue and it's all because of the way MS handles their game installations. It's very draconian. GP on Steam would solve 99% of the problems, so I would love that. But MS would need to release a lot more of their own games on Steam first, otherwise GP would only give you Gears 5 and Halo MCC haha. I already had an account due to Xbox Live and all back in the Xbox 360 days. However I too have zero games or apps bought from the MS ecosystem on PC.
  8. Sure. Two+ hard drive system(one for boot, one for games) 1. Install games on secondary drive 2. Eventually reinstall Windows on main drive due to general Windows getting buggy/unstable and needs a refresh 3a. Games previously installed on secondary drive can't be "found"/used by new Windows installation. 3b. Also can't delete games due to encryption and permission issues 4. Either format the entire second drive just to remove the broken games OR run a Linux live USB and force delete directories This happened to me. And this has happened to many othe
  9. I started paying for Game Pass on PC last month. I've been enjoying the service, but if it's going to be $10 a month, then they need to improve the app tremendously. Games deleting/reinstalling themselves is still a huge issue and Microsoft's response is "it's in beta". So is this going to be fixed? Will games not completely brick a hard drive when you reinstall Windows and have to force a format of the drive just to use it again? I mean it's a cool service especially with EA games going to be included(if you're interested in that), but that isn't coming until the "Holi
  10. VRAM is just like regular RAM. The more you give the system, the more it'll take even if it doesn't truly need it due to allocation. The Gamers Nexus video above explains a bit more...definitely worth a look. 10GB VRAM should be more than enough for years to come. I'm more concerned with what the 3060 will have, as it'll probably be 6GB and that is going to be bare minimum in my opinion, which may hurt it in the long run.
  11. I disagree. They showed this slide before they started talking about RTX performance for the 3000 series(and the footnote states average performance at 4k). I'm going to be optimistic here and say that the 3070 does match the 2080ti, without including RTX. Of course wait for benchmarks and all, but even if this isn't the case and the 3080 is more in-line with the 2080ti performance, then the 2080ti's price still drops dramatically to $500-$600 or so, because again, why buy a used GPU when a brand new one with the same or better performance can b
  12. I wouldn't buy one for more than $400. Why buy a used(and potential miniing card) for X amount when there's a brand new card, for the same performance, for $500? New warranty/support, updated tech, etc.
  13. "8K reactions!" Really guys? This was the cringiest thing I've ever seen...
  14. No problem, I personally haven't used it, but I have had a few friends utilize it and it worked out for them just fine. I am partially doing the same as you. I just built a SFFPC and bought a 2060 about 2 weeks ago. I specifically bought a EVGA because their support is awesome and their cards run great, but also for the Step-Up, so if I like the 3080/3070 pricing I can upgrade to that for my main rig and then slap my 1080ti in my SFFPC instead. And if I don't like price:performance...then I won't do the Step-Up lol. Hope whatever you decide works out. To me, as long as
  15. How about using EVGA's step up program? Make sure to register the card ASAP. But at least with this you have a card you can use for a month or two while waiting for info and if you dont like the info, then you can keep the card...never know, if 2060's get sold out because people don't like the prices for the 3060's, then there might be shortages, which could cause prices to rise. https://www.evga.com/support/stepup/