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    Z390 Aorus Xtreme
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    16GB 3600 Vengeance RGB
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    2080ti FTW3 Ultra (plus hydrocopper!)
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    960 PRO 512GB, OCZ Vertex 4 256GB, Sandisk Extreme Pro 240GB x2, 2TB WD blk
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    EVGA 850 P2
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    Custom Loop
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    Logitech G910
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    Logitech Z625 + Arctis Pro Wireless + Yeti Blackout
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  1. I actually thought about moving to tmobile because of him a few years back. Glad I didn't make that move, oof.
  2. We also do pricematching for stuff that isn't the best price
  3. Not sure how this is a thing, but since Amazon and Newegg both appear to be backordered on the i9 for 1-2 months (and are extremely low on the i7?), I'd like to put out a reminder that Microcenter is awesome and you should love us Both chips also get you $20 off a compatible new board. But wait you might say, My nearest Microcenter is 400 miles away! No worries! Leave a location request here and I'll round them up and submit them through email to the appropriate team. No promises, but feedback is always appreciated.
  4. I was expecting it to be some other chip. Sounds like you got what you paid for minus hardware support on your side.
  5. I've had one for months. No regrets.
  6. Armor Etch works well on tempered glass. Never used a laser cutter before.
  7. As someone with both gsync and freesync monitors, the gsync ultimate experience is still better than gsync on freesync. Is it worth the extra money? Eh.
  8. Well, there were two stores in Cali. Not sure they want to try that again. But it doesn't hurt to ask
  9. Nooo meant that suggesting a location for a new store would be helpful
  10. Don't get your hopes up there..... 2066 is experiencing a refresh. stores have discontinued most "9th" gen skus and will be getting 10th whenever they're real.