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    Computer Hardware, Software and Gaming...
    Would be interested in something creative ^_^
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    Hello my actual name is George, I live in a country anyone barely knows :P, alltho I started loving technology, especially now with PC Hardware and Software, I used to do Python programming but not really anymore and I used to learn about smartphones but i changed my directions.
    I'm currently learning about it but I know most of the things so I can be trusted even if I make a mistake!
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    Office worker (may freelance soon)


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    Ryzen 5 3500U
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    Asus Laptop Motherboard X570DD
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    8 GB + 4GB DDR4-2666 CL19 at 1.2v
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    Nvidia GTX 1050 Mobile 4GB
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    Default Laptop chasis
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    256 GB NVME SSD + 1TB External HDD
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    120W Asus AC Adapter
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    Laptop 15 inch Display + Viewsonic XG2405 (Viewsonic is my main display now)
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    Standard laptop cooling
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    HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Cherry MX Red Tenkeyless
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    Logitech G502 Hero
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    Laptop speakers + Monitor speaker
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    Windows 10 (may switch to Pop OS soon)
  • Laptop
    Asus M570DD
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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

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  1. it depends, yes removing the charger might help with e waste and stuff but i mean there are users, like the majority that dont have the right charger, likely not the right connector, nor the advertised fast charging speed their phone gives (which could be 45-60w I think for pixel 6) so companies giving choice to ship it included either separately or in box if it feels necessary rather than separate package to buy would be much much better. I personally feel more ok using first party chargers than third parties but either way, no harm but thats my personal preference to this subject.
  2. you might be referring to my thoughts Thanks for acknowledging tho but I just said this based on the main source of the quote
  3. which is why I feel like choice should come in, it would be nice if you chose to also ship the charger, like in the box or separately so that when it is sold and the charger was a separate addon, You could keep it even with selling the phone.
  4. I mean yeah, they do become cheaper, but like the Customer should at least have the option to ship the charger if the need it, not everyone has say a Type-C charger. Companies should have went with what xiaomi does but you know they are a million and billion dollar companies and don't give a shit. I've had a situation where my dad got an iPhone 12 Mini but he needed to buy a type-c charger in order to charge the phone and they wanted to use my laptop to charge it till they get a charger, which kinda frustrated me.
  5. I agree, that's one one of the reasons I support Xiaomi for at least including a charger in the mi 11, it's so then they can ditch the chargers and if a customer decides to buy the new phone or upgrade down the line if they keep their Mi 11 for a while, they'll still be able to use the charger and that's just a great move! and then we mat have companies like realme and Oppo competing with charging speeds, Xiaomi as well when they do.
  6. I agree, we went from non removable batteries as Standard to then removing the headphone jack to then not including a charger, The non-removable charger is very understandable, things have fairly evolved but lik the headphone jack and the charger? damn Companies lol. oh well we are about to accept it and it might get bad.
  7. Summary The favorable phone from Google, The Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro that will come with a "custom" Tensor chip is confirmed to not include a charger in the box. Woops, Google fell into what I call the "Samsung-Apple" Hole. Quotes According to GSMArena: My thoughts Not surprised, I knew Google considers Apple their competitor in the market so That's to be expected considering companies like to follow suit with what Apple does, because Apple never fails with what they do no matter what (well Almost). Also 100% the Pixel 6 lineup won't even hav
  8. are all the cables either CAT 6 or 7 Ethernet cable or better?
  9. if you got only 2 choices then I would go with the Athlon 3000G however I may recommend you wait for AMD to launch their new APU or get the cheapest OEM Pc with the latest APU or AliExpress for that matter and get them barebone there instead if available...
  10. sure seasonic also makes great power supplies...
  11. what are the specs of this pc? did you try contacting NZXT and see if they have any reasonable help they can give you or gave you?
  12. im pretty sure the TBW for a hard drive is fairly high, maybe not as high as ssds but they should last you pretty much years down the line before you need to change, just make sure you at minimum, annually do a backup of import data you may store on the drives: also check out CrystalDiskInfo, it tells you the S.MA.R.T. information, both Modern Hard drives and SSDs are supported and are able to tell you their status, they also keep track of the gigabytes they written, I recommend checking that out if you wanna check the health every few times a month which is what I do since im worried abo
  13. since you already got a psu and cpu that's decent... you dont need to spend a whole lot however i have setup this and i have 2 things to say: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/kGYX8J (it doesnt wanna embed) 1. If you want a cooler for some reason like overclocking or quietness or maybe a quiet aio but considering that the 5600x isnt a hot cpu, you certainly can stick with air coolers, otherwise you are fine... 2. I added a 4tb hard drive in any case you may wanna store say your 4k editing footage for Vegas or your high quality photoshop photos... if you got a NAS that's not necessary at
  14. you went really "ballsy" on this setup, but no offense this is great... congrats on managing to get a 6900xt (I hope you did at msrp or reasonable price). also great AIO Choice, i think I would choose this one too because of the mini fan that from what I rememebr at gamernexus, was specifcally meant for vrm cooling but idk if I would count on that but if it actually does then yeah but I regardless stick with my statement...