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  1. It says Minecraft 1.7+, or servers with enable-query=true, are supported, so I think we should've seen it already. Change your domain name to not start with 192.168. That address cannot be accessed outside your network. Google "what is my ip" and set your domain name to that.
  2. Your DNS is set to a private address ( Set it to the public address and check https://mcsrvstat.us/server/justincraft.mine.bz to see if people can see the server.
  3. What is taking up that 25% background usage? Also your ram is only at 2133. If your ram is actually faster, try enabling xmp/docp.
  4. AFAIK the most profitable algorithms/coins (Ethereum) want a relatively large amount of fast memory. AMD's infinity cache doesn't help too much. All 256bit GDDR6 cards (AMD's 6800 - 6900 xt, Nvidia 3060 ti, 3070) all have about 60 MH/s on ethereum.
  5. I don't think it works like that for dedicated graphics. I have 8 GB shared GPU memory but only 39.4 MB HW reserved. https://imgur.com/a/qYDPJ0M Although the GPU section says 92.0 MB reserved for some reason. FWIW, yours says 78.0 MB. It might be some weird bios or windows setting? Make sure msconfig, boot, advanced boot, maximum memory is unchecked. If the bios shows how much memory, does it show 32 or 64 GB?
  6. Are you actually losing dual channel or just XMP? What does CPU-Z memory channel say? Also, even if you bought the "same" stick, it's possible they are using different ICs. If they are different, XMP will often not work. You might get XMP to work if you rearrange your sticks, but you will probably need to manually set voltage/speed/timings.
  7. If you click the wrench icon, is the resolution and the performance/quality slider correct?
  8. What clock speed is it reaching? You might be reaching 100% usage of a throttled speed.
  9. It is normal, but is mostly so intel can have a low TDP. Most games tend do not load enough threads for long enought to pass the default wattage. I would still personally increase the wattage if your temperature is fine.
  10. Intel 10th gen spec limits power draw after 56/28 seconds (based on if overclockable). Look for power limit settings in your bios.
  11. No? https://www.xbox.com/en-US/consoles/xbox-series-x#specs https://www.techradar.com/reviews/ps5 No it does not. If you have some sort of budget, the $100 has to come from somewhere. I do at least somewhat agree. It's much harder to increase framerate if you are CPU bound.
  12. DDR is double data rate. For example, DDR4-3600 is actually 1800 MHz.
  13. Are you still lagging if you switch to a scene with no sources?
  14. What does java --version incommand prompt say?