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  1. It looks pretty normal to me. Holding down left click shrinks the text a little. Was this windows install new or did you use your old drive? Are you using the same cable and monitor? Also
  2. This doesn't look like cleartype is on to me. Have you restarted since turning it (back?) on? What am I supposed to be seeing here? BTW cleartype doesn't seem to affect this screen on my laptop.
  3. Does the game look fine in windowed mode? If so, maybe try going to the Nvidia control panel, color settings, enhancements, content type, desktop programs. I don't think that would fix chrome, though. Are you sure it isn't placebo?
  4. Are you using the same port on the same monitor? Is it the same cable? Maybe it's somehow stuck on analog or single link? What does the ports on the monitor/gpu and the cable look like? Maybe take a picture of settings, system, display, advanced display settings?
  5. Judging by the video, the bug is still there, but if it was compiled with the defaults it shouldn't cause any damage. There is a newer version of VBA-M, and mGBA is usually considered better.
  6. Original VBA is very old. It is less accurate than newer emulators and actually has an exploit. If you really want to use VBA, use modern VBA-M. Otherwise you probably want mGBA.
  7. So games are way different but desktop is slightly different? Maybe take a screenshot of the text. What is your native resolution? Your screenshot is at 1792x816. What port on the GPU are you using? Is it the same cable and monitor/port you were using earlier? Any other important things like HDR? And I guess try DDU.
  8. It might be better than you expect. MoltenVK can covert vulkan to metal. WineD3D, DXVK, and vkd3d support directx 1-12. You might be more limited by opengl 4.1 and obviously anti cheat. I don't know what the user experience or compatibility is like, though.
  9. Just use a program. https://www.ti84calcwiz.com/program-the-quadratic-formula-on-the-ti-84-plus-ce/
  10. They don't slow down like that. They will slow down for thermals, though. There was some discussion recently about this here
  11. 4.7 GHz is the rated boost clock of the 5800x, so that's fine. The question is why is it boosting when near idle? 10% CPU usage seems like a lot for desktop. What is using that much?
  12. You can't use forge only mods. Fabric has a lot of mods. The big mods tend to be forge only, though. Also use lithium and phosphor too.
  13. I do wonder how much they actually sell for from Nvidia. They could probably sell for a little more than scalped 580 cards, as long as you can buy lots at a time, instead of mostly one at a time from ebay. If there is no bulk buying, they need to be even lower.
  14. I image these cards are a bit better tuned than the stock 30HX. Considering these were supposedly chips that weren't good enough to be in a Geforce card, I'd argue original clocks is suspiciously close to the same.
  15. Looking into it a little more, this card is basically a 1660 super. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-cmp-30hx-mining-gpu-market-723-dollars Same base/boost clock as a Palit GeForce GTX 1660 Super. I guess I forgot how bad/mediocre turing was.