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  1. Doesn't twitch have a low max bitrate? Streaming most games at 1440p60 isn't viable on any encoder. Is even a 770's encoder still better than a modern AMD? There were significant improvements for 1600/2000, and I think improvements before.
  2. HVCI performance is AFAIK the best explanation given so far, but it doesn't explain the inclusion of Zen +, since GMET (AMD equivelent of MBEC) wasn't added until Zen 2.
  3. Summary Previously, installing or updating Windows 11 in a VM would ignore some requirements like TPM 2.0. However, this is no longer happening with beta build 22000.194 and dev build 22458. Attempting to update will throw an error. Quotes My thoughts It's a shame that MS did this, since a VM is a convenient way to try Windows 11 preview builds. The TPM requirement seems particularly annoying on a Windows host. Hyper-V works, but needs Windows Pro. I couldn't find an indication that Virtualbox supports TPM 2.0 (the above mention of Or
  4. It looks like that because the guy who made the iNES header worked at Nintendo. https://www.resetera.com/threads/tomohiro-kawase-mightve-been-hired-by-nintendo-to-put-rom-headers-into-vc-updated-dec-1-2018.64755/#post-13593223 and at the very least, Clu Clu land was sourced from their own archive. https://www.resetera.com/threads/tomohiro-kawase-mightve-been-hired-by-nintendo-to-put-rom-headers-into-vc-updated-dec-1-2018.64755/page-3#post-13620946
  5. It may also be worth noting that most of the games on N64 VC are popular. These games usually work well on PC emulators. Unless the less popular games on VC have way more bugs on PC than I'm aware, even GlideN64 on release was significantly better. I wouldn't be surprised if some games were better on PC in 2006 (noise emulation in sm64 teleports/vanish cap, star fox being less buggy AFAIK). They intentionally exploit bugs in the Wii VC emulator to beat the game faster. It makes way more sense to fix dolphin than to intentionally break PJ64 to match Wii VC. Also, "pre
  6. This isn't true. Dolphin is good at emulating how it played on wii, but that experience isn't great. There are tons of minor problems, and some are major enough to be added to the dolphin wiki specifying that they are not dolphin bugs. PC N64 emulation has also improved. GlidenN64 came out in 2015 was significantly better than any HLE plugin before it. Angrylion RDP Plus came out in 2017 and is very accurate, but needs a strong CPU and is at original resolution only. And last year, ParaLLEl was released and allows angrylion accuracy and higher resolutions with a somewhat modest GPU
  7. They definitely aren't just using videos, demos are way too long and high resolution for that. A good chunk of demo readme files will suggest a then-recent GPU. You can also just check your GPU utilization to see it being used. As for other things that can be precomputed, they would probably just use whatever is smaller. I would assume that the majority of the time it would be smaller to use code to generate things, though. I think you are probably underselling the difficulty. Assets are big compared to demos. You would want to write code to generate what you want after lau
  8. I mean, they are clearly willing to support some but not all 7th gen. Not to mention zen+ doesn't support it but is on the support list.
  9. Demos can also be very impressive with modern hardware https://www.pouet.net/prodlist.php?type[0]=4k&platform[0]=Windows&page=1&order=views
  10. At least it brings it closer to what the rest of the industry
  11. It actually looks like windows 10's web browser selection doesn't change much more than this. Here is what my windows 10 has for chrome's file types after setting it as default. (everything below did not have a default)
  12. It looks like you can dump the disks with a standard drive. https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/Ripping_Games#Sony_PlayStation_1.2F2 For saves you would need homebrew or external hardware to get saves from the memory card.
  13. The written article has a correction and new screenshots fwiw. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2021-amd-fidelity-fx-super-resolution-fsr-performance-wins-but-what-about-image-quality As for why, I would probably assume it was the rush to get a day one review.