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  1. They made one good game and they have a DRM free store. This lead them to becoming the "good guys" of gaming. Now everyone is finding out they are just like any other game company,
  2. Buy a Mac Mini. Hackintoshes are just for playing around.
  3. Hmm OK so my post gets deleted but apparently its OK for people to mention illegal sites selling stolen keys. So let me say again. These sites are shady AF and there is no point paying for something that is stolen in the first place. Either buy a legit key from Microsoft or don't activate it at all.
  4. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-other_settings-winpc/merging-three-unallocated-partitions-into-one/6c1564d7-c163-49a4-987e-7120ea96d84c https://www.easeus.com/partition-master/merge-unallocated-space-to-system-partition-windows-10.html I suggest you start from scratch and get rid of all those partitions. There is no reason you need to separate OS and games and whatever else you have there.
  5. PC building has existed for as long as PCs have. It started as a hobby industry. The very first PC was the Altair 8800 which was a DIY kit you had to build yourself. And if you actually wanted to do anything with it you had to buy add-on cards. The Apple I was just a circuit board that you had to provide your own case for. The first IBM-PC in 1981 was built with off-the-shelf parts. It didn't take long for clones to appear and then anyone could build one themselves. If you are specifically talking about the modern ATX standard then that was 1995. But people
  6. I'll echo the previous poster and say you should probably setup your own camera system. I don't know of any doorbell that does what you want. I use Skybell which has free cloud storage for 7 days. You can download any videos you want to keep. It does not record all the time but it is hardwired for power and has its own battery too.
  7. All of the above. They were one of the "good guy" gaming companies. The game had a very lengthy development time and the delays just brought even more attention to it. It ended up becoming a meme and it just snowballed from there. A lot of that goodwill is evaporating after this debacle.
  8. And all that could be prevented if she knew how computers worked at a basic level. The difference between software and hardware. And that knowledge doesn't come from learning how to install a video card. You'd be surprised at how many programmers and computer scientists have never built a PC. I'm sure they could figure it out with little effort. But like I said it is not an important skill in the grand scheme. If you want your kids to be interested in computers try some of the programming apps made for kids.
  9. @LinusTech Tag Linus and I'm sure he'll look into it. This affects more than deaf people too. I like to watch with captions and I also notice how sometimes they aren't there on new videos. Plus all the mistakes.
  10. Honestly building a PC isn't even that important a skill to learn. Using one is.