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  1. There is only roughly a year of difference between the release of the 8570w and the Zbook 15 G1, since it was it's direct replacement and there is a lot of components shared between the two, so I wouldn't have known. It's good to know though, because I have a Zbook 15 G2 that I was going to upgrade.
  2. Personally, I have gotten a 8570w to work with a Quadro m2200 that was meant for a G4 Zbook without Bios issues. The laptop has the most recent bios version F71 Rev. A (May 14, 2019). That may not be the case after they switched to the Zbook naming however. Edit: Also using Quadro driver 471.41
  3. You can look for any gpu using the MXM-A (not MXM-B, which is larger) form factor. The best that I can think of off-hand for Nvidia is the Quadro M2200 or Gtx 1050Ti, and for AMD FirePro 5170M. Other people may be able to chime in on other other options made available in the MXM-A form factor.
  4. I hope he gets military and civil penalties. He then deserves to have any awards or recognition stripped from him. To me personally, it doesn't matter what he leaked. He broke the trust of both the military, the people he vowed to serve, and their allies. He also lended to the possibility of putting all of them at risk.
  5. The names I end up using come simply from when they don't function to my intent, so I don't think I can say them.
  6. No, @Spottyis just a reverse werewolf. They are one in the same. Legend says that a secret entity of dragons and werewolves exists, but I have already said too much.
  7. Are we talking registered name? If so, what are the sire and dams' names? I prefer using a mix between both for the registered name, sometimes throwing in parts of a name from a significant part of their bloodline. If it's just a given name, how about Dekatessera or Deka for short. It means fourteen in greek, and Artemis is the greek god of wild animals, and fortnight being 14 days.
  8. More of a southern thing. Just like grits. By the way deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches are heaven. Personally I go for peanut butter and mullberry or boysenberry.
  9. Thats roughly the same average price of ground beef at walmart (even here in cattle country) for 80/20. That being said we can go to local grocers or butchers and get 90/10 for ~$2.60. That isn't as bad as I would have assumed.
  10. If you don't mind me asking what is the weight of the patties. That got me curious how much does ground beef cost down under.
  11. Question 2 ought to have an option for, "I raise my own livestock". My family has ran cattle and other livestock for generations (dairy and beef cattle, ducks, chickens, horses (not for eating), etc).
  12. Frequency for transfer rates, for example using 3200 Mhz instead of 3200 MT/s.
  13. Ha, hahaha. Try hundreds of thousands, just for the main equipment. Not including implements or attachments, some of which can be into six figures as well.