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  2. Hey All, Could someone show where this memory is being sold? G.SKILL DDR4 32GB 256GB Memory kit For the life of me I can't find it anywhere??? Cheers
  3. R282-Z90 dual 64 cores 2tb of ram 12 16tb seagate drives on some server buying sites is about 35.5k
  4. Taskmanager is useless in determining the utilization of gpu/cpu in games. You need a good monitor program, like e.g. Afterburner
  5. The trouble is, I live in the UK and the cables on Corsair's website were REALLY expensive, and it wasn't even clear if they were compatible, I think they wanted £28 a cable too, and i bought the PSU for £70. Also there was no possibilty of modding the cables as there was only the motherboad and gpu supplies coming from the PSU thanks to the m.2 hard drive. In the end it was easier to just buy another. Then the other day i found the original PSU cables so I sold the PSU on eBay for £60 so not too much of a problem after that.
  6. I think that just the fact the Pentagon even had a press briefing about this is amazing. It shows that they are working on public trust both international and domestic. They are known for being very secretive, especially since 9/11. In the press briefing, they were very transparent with how this will go forward and what they plan to do, more so than I've ever seen them. We still don't know many of the details, but this seems like they are trying to gain the public's trust for a new way of ethical warfare and other applications. I think they are just as unsure as we are and want to approach this with the backing of the public.
  7. Well yea i guess? It scrapes off into somekind of a dust.
  8. Definitely the GPU. The 1050ti is getting pretty old now so you were in a need of an upgrade anyways.
  9. When launching and playing the games take a look at your Task Manager and look for what other processes takes up resources.
  10. LogicalDrm

    Windows 7

    We use discretion. With software, and Windows, it's tad harder as Microsoft has made takedown requests over ISO download links. With hardware the ruling is mainly in place for deals and threads about "is this X good deal".
  11. So can I stay in the same room while using it without hearing protection? Or do I have to wear fireproof gloves instead?
  12. Hello, Usually 3pins led strips are 5V while 4pins on motherboard are 12V (I checked and they are on your motherboard). So it won't work as it will fry the led strip for sure and could damage the header and the mobo (worst case scenario). Source : https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/SocketAM4/ROG_STRIX_B450_F_GAMING/E14401_ROG_STRIX_B450-F_GAMING_UM_WEB.pdf P17
  13. 3900x on X370 should for fine. The VRMs on that board look pretty solid, but I'm not sure. Look up some reviews first
  14. https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/americans-should-prepare-coronavirus-spread-u-s-cdc-says-n1142556 It’s impossible for me to work from home. I really can’t imagine my community becoming a ghost town.
  15. V850 seems like the best, followed by the V1000 RM650x is just a worse deal when you need to buy custom cables, also lower wattage Same for Dark Rock Pro Good luck finding custom cables for something as old as the Enermax Rev Units that look like it is a veteran from Iraq should not be considered at all
  16. Hello, My advise is to never get used PSU. Since your missing the cables, which will probably cost you as much as the unit itself, I'd recommend to get a brand new RM, RMx or TXm from Corsair, a Bitefenix Formula Gold or Whisper M, Phanteks AMP, all available in 550/650W.
  17. looks good but is way to much even with an AIO and a PSU. still wishing more companies like corsair sold a version of their prebuild case stand alone
  18. push proc to 8 core first, prepare for 3 years. gpu to easy for new tech update (monkey business)
  19. You need : 1 sata power cable 1 CPU fan 3/4 pins connector on the MB. 1 USB header on the MB (I think it is a USB 2 header, not 100% sure. You may want to check if it is USB 2 or 3 just in case) I think that's it.
  20. Seems kinda silly but I'd bet someone rolled out the wrong code and no one noticed it. @Slick
  21. It's a mail z390 ace board I'm running a i7-9700k with a rtx2080ti and in my bios it says hyper threading is off and can not find hyper threading in my bios anywhere.
  22. Hey so I got my pc about 1-2 years ago, and whenever I would play something such as GTA V or Rust it would load quickly and just fine. In the last few months, whenever I do try load into these games my pc takes FAAAR longer to load in, but also, my PC sounds like a jet engine . I don't know if there's a simple fix that I can do, or I just need to upgrade my PC or get a new one. My PC: G3-710 ACER PREDATOR 1070 CPU: i5 7400 Ram: 8gb Secondary storage: 2TB HDD Thank you
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