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  2. Like I'm gonna change my CPU every year or so. I dont really care about upgrade path, because once I upgrade to a newer CPU it'll be more than enough for at least 3 years or so, there's no point in choosing Ryzen just because it has a "longer" upgrade path.
  3. Chris230291

    Ping spikes

    Hi. Its an OSCam server I run. I connect to lots of proxies. I didn't mention it because I doubt anyone would know what it is. Basically it tries to establish a connection to a bunch of servers constantly. Seems like something is getting overloaded on my network. Something I found strange is that the ping to my switch ,which my PC is directly plugged into, is slightly higher than the ping to my router, which is connected through the switch. I wonder if my network is miss configured? I can believe the router getting overloaded, but not the switch, surely? Cheers
  4. fasauceome

    2700 + AORUS M

    Aorus M is a good board so yes that's a fine choice.
  5. Shnitzil

    Gpu questons?

    So can I use a gtx 1650 to breath new life into a pc with a i7 7th gen and a 350w power supply?
  6. You won't be getting RGB at that budget. Looks are the lowest priority on a build like this.
  7. Kaine tyrie

    I7 8700k vs 8700

    Okay thank you, I will most probably not be buying the components for a while as i am waiting for a sale. The reason that I wouldn't go AMD is that I have got literally no idea what I'm doing with it and i am confident with Intel and how all the letters numbers and hieroglyphics work. As it is going to be a while until i am able to gather all the parts and funding for the project, so when it happens I'm sure that the 8700 and 8700k will not have the £100+ difference between the two i will be able to get the 8700k Thanks all for replying
  8. BleachedFur

    Best cooling for a Core 2 Quad CPU Q9550

    I don't. A 212 is fine. When I was younger I had an Optiplex 755 with a Q9550, overclocked it to 3.4Ghz via PLL, on stock voltage with the standard fin stack cooler. Never went above 65c, even during h.264 encoding. A 212 would probably be overkill with that chip. My buddy has the same exact CPU (like, my personal chip) in a system I build for him with a newer Intel DX48BT2 board and he's at 3.8GHz at 1.35v. He's got that weird looking Zalman CNPS9900a.
  9. I choose Ryzen 7 2700 + AORUS M Gigabyte. this good MB for this cpu? I dont perform OC ..
  10. WickedStarfish

    MX Master vs Gaming for design work?

    tbh, the difference between a wired and wireless mouse is not really that noticable if you are not a competitive gamer, if your a casual gamer than a wireless will do just as good and (in the case of the master 2s) probably be a bit more productive than a standard "Wired Gaming mouse" when it comes to productivity
  11. Shnitzil

    Cpu cooler backplate not fitting

    What if you just return it to where you got it.
  12. Derkoli

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Isolation pads and spikes are mostly too stop crap everywhere vibrating, i use them on all my speakers in my ht just too let the subs do the rumbling
  13. Tristerin

    Gtx 1650 or gtx 1050ti

    You really know NVIDIA flubbed the 1650 release when the only thing Ive seen for days is the RX 570 as king. Take me back 1 month and that card was considered end of life! LOL (obviously the price has severely plummeted since, making this truly the king of budget gaming imho as well)
  14. Yes. (Tech Quickie = Fast As Possible videos)
  15. TVwazhere

    Cpu cooler backplate not fitting

    It should definitely fit. I cant remember if the holes in the bracket have specific locations in them for 1366 vs 115x but I'd double check that https://pcpartpicker.com/builds/by_part/zvQG3C#h=720
  16. Hello, I used to pay money for various hosting services to develop my websites. I would like to use a raspberry pi locally (or similar) to run nginx and nodejs on it. Which system/server/computer would fit me?
  17. I'm curious, does Linus have a place for video requests?
  18. Someone made a review of the monitor just recently: https://www.dtfav.com/?p=2230 This is a brand new product, released only just a few weeks ago. The AOC U2790VQ and AOC U2790PQU are the same display but the latter has an upgraded stand and multi-media functions. I am planning to buy the U2790VQ myself.
  19. TempestCatto

    H150i SATA HELP

    @Surreals No adapters. Just the same plug you'd use to power a hard drive is what you'll plug into your h150i's SATA power plug. If your cables are too short from your PSU, you may have to run them through the main part of the case.
  20. VegetableStu

    Cpu cooler backplate not fitting

    the tape part should go onto the backplate of the CPU socket o_o is there anything blocking anything? timestamp 0:43
  21. BleachedFur

    CPU Overheating, and I Have No Idea Why

    That means the pump is broken or there's a block in the line. I had the same problem with an old system I had.
  22. Yeah, Ryzen 5 1600 and RTX 2060 will be fine on the BQ Pure Power 10 400W. Except you should wait a few weeks for Ryzen 3000 Zen2 processors instead. You already have a CPU so there shouldn't be any real rush to buy a replacement CPU now.
  23. Dr. Historic Low

    DRM free question

    "Using an account in the game is not DRM. DRM is limitation to a single platform. If you can install it in 1000 different places it is not DRM. Use might be restricted to those that bought it. This is simply a way to emulate electronically a proof of purchase. If you consider that DRM then everything you buy in a physical store is DRM as you receipt is the proof of purchase. Only 2 person has that proof, you and the company that sold you the goods." <<< Does what @Franck just said clear up any confusion? Or do you need video evidence?
  24. WickedStarfish

    MX Master vs Gaming for design work?

    it does, doesn't it haha, supprised it lasted this long to be honest, luckily it uses the same plug as my G933 otherwise i would have had to search for a charging cable (as i built the G933 charger into my desk so i can charge it when not using)
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