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  • CPU
    4690K i5
  • Motherboard
    Asus Maximus VII Gene
  • RAM
    4x4GB G.SKILL Ares 1866Mhz
  • GPU
  • Case
    Silverstone SG10
  • Storage
    Crucial M550 1TB & 3TB WD Green
  • PSU
    Silverstone 550W Strider Gold & short cable set
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    Asus ROG PG278Q Swift
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    Noctura NH-U12S
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    Corsair K70 RGB Brown Vengeance (No arse antlers for me)
  • Mouse
    Logitech G700s
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    Yamaha NX-50 speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. A mix of sadomasochism, drugs and a dystopian future of compliance collars being made both compulsory and boring. Not the maddest thing I've seen in off-topic though...
  2. I've wondered why critical infrastructure doesn't have its own network completely separate from the Internet, separate cables, servers the lot. If anyone wanted to hack it they'd have to go old school and infiltrate a building. It would be expensive, but getting hacked isn't cheap either.
  3. Is there any evidence that having all this information on people creates more effective advertising? Is there any value on targeting people with adverts beyond basing it on the website they are visiting, and the country they are visiting it from? Are Facebook and Google selling snake oil?
  4. It's why I switched to iPhone. Higher upfront cost, lower cost per year. Not sure if it's a reason the apple fanboys would approve of
  5. I think it was Windows 8. My Internet connection was pretty slow back then, and I don't think MS did their handy tool for creating installation media, so I would have been half through installing Windows off the disk before I even had the USB drive ready to go.
  6. The thing that most often stymies your attempt to play old PC games is compatibility, or rather lack of. Even L.A Noire, less than 10 years old on PC, can be a bit fiddly to get to run. There is a reason retro PC gaming is a pretty small niche in the retro gaming scene, it's so much more complicated. Now we've mostly purged optical drives from our gaming PCs, I can't really see them coming back.
  7. If you do the system transfer it should take your saves files across to the new console, if you do have to get a new one that is.
  8. First I'd check the battery isn't slightly loose, and take the SD card out while you have the back off. SD card seems an unlikely culprit if the game isn't running off it, but it's quick and free to try. I'd also try another game. A quick google suggests that random crashes are not unheard of on the two Bravely games, you're 3DS might be fine. If you still have a problem, make sure you know your Nintendo Network ID and password and try a factory reset link If none of that fixes it, it will likely need more major surgery. Could be a loose connection, could be a chip dy
  9. Looking at the birthrate in most western countries we're going to have to survive with fewer workers, relative to the retired population, in the future. So eliminating the need for labour in some sectors in a couple or more decades isn't necessarily a bad thing. We one day may reach a point at which human labour has no value, at that point we'll just have to change how our economy works. The laws of economics change with society, and it's needs, it's not a fundamental law, it's not physics.
  10. London public transport is state owned, all under one organization, TFL. Elsewhere, the public transport is privately owned, trains and buses being different companies unwilling or unable to cooperate, and neither being obliged to listen to local politicians. That and London gets most of the investment.
  11. Me too. Childhood hero car. When you see them in the metal kevlar composite they are so small, yet look so fast, even parked up. Of the new stuff, a RWD Huracán, in purple
  12. I guess you'll most likely need the extra ports when either at home or the office where you can leave a hub. Plus it gives them a chance to rinse you for accessories, not every Mac user want to be seen using Anker gear .
  13. As someone who works in accounts it astounds me that this many people could be affected and no one double-checked the figures. There would be other records to sense check the system against. I guess this is a result of everyone keeping their heads down for the sake of their careers.
  14. I've noticed in discussions about some Cyberpunk's issues, people talking about driving controls when using keyboard. I also noticed Linus driving using the keyboard in the tiny fastest gaming PC vid a couple of days ago. In games with driving and running around shooting, I switch between keyboard & mouse and controller depending on what I'm doing. I've done this since the original release of Mafia with the race that was practically unwinnable driving with the KB. Am I in a minority in doing this?
  15. But their prices are sofa king low?