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Is there a way to utilize my CPU better?

Hello LTT community.


I have recently been fooling around with riva tuner statistics to see what my hardware does when I'm gaming. I mostly play CS:GO and here i discovered that not all of my CPU usage is centered towards this game. 
Is there a way to force my CPU into either using a higher percentage on all cores or to force the game to have 100% usage on any of my cores?
I currently have a gtx 1060 6gb, 16gb of ddr4 ram and an intel i5 7400 CPU. My goal is to have a steady +144 FPS to go with my 144 hz monitor. 
I attached two pictures of my usage when ingame. 45476140_345849015972710_5925515766949478400_n.thumb.jpg.65e66827814f9eda21d398a527dbc695.jpg


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1 minute ago, Electronics Wizardy said:

What is your framerate? 


CSGO is old and its mostly single threaded, it just won't use the full cpu power it can.

My FPS is varies from 110-220 FPS depending of how many enemies are in sight. 

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