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Good Software for Writing Short Stories/Novels?

Greetings.  I'm trying to get a story out of my head and written down...but I'm bluntly much better at reading stories than writing them.  This is part of my bucket list though, and I'm trying to dedicate myself to it.


So, that being said, I'm looking for recommendations regarding software for writing short stories, novels, etc. and the like.  I'm not looking for screenplay software.  Ideally I'm looking for a more complete word-processing package with linkable outlining, character development/profile setups, etc. as well as any supplemental software.


I'm seriously looking at Scrivener for Windows since it seems to have the best balance of features for the price, and I'm liking what I'm seeing from the trial, even though there's supposed to be a major overhaul in the works that could be good or bad.


Ideally I'd like suggestions based on personal experience, but even though I've done a lot of research so far I'd love to see what the LTT community could come up with.

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I find it odd if there would be something special. I've written my short stories in Word with background notes like character explanations done in Word too.

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