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  1. Joke related to the Short Circuit movies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_Circuit_(1986_film)
  2. Aaaaaugh...I feel for you. I've done that before when I wasn't paying attention.
  3. I'm all for a forum specifically dedicated to those movies. Need input!
  4. Ah, I see. Shows what I know. My apologies for assuming.
  5. Ok? Your GPU can be capable of 80 FPS and the monitor not be capable of 80 Hz refresh.
  6. Don't use RAID with mixed media types (and that includes mixing technologies like SSD and HDD). Aside from that, how many drives and what type, etc. are you planning to do with your NAS setup? If it's just a few drives, it might make more sense (at least with Win10) to just use Storage Spaces).
  7. Do you maybe have RAPID turned on for that particular drive in the Samsung Magician software? That always makes the benchmarks be BS. I see multiple people bringing this up but I don't see where you (@robertplatinum) answered.
  8. Try a stress test like Furmark to see if it restarts maybe.
  9. It's a TV, not built with computer GPU input in mind as its primary function. You might find it with more regularity on either higher-end TVs, some digital signage TVs, or TVs expressly advertised as such. Don't buy a TV expecting a certain resolution support outside of standard broadcast or recorded media resolutions before checking its manual and full specification list first. More than that, since it is a TV, the panel's physical pixel density will be for 1080p or 4K anyway, so scaling's going to be an issue even if it did support (on a 4K display).
  10. Likely Windows Code 49, a la this sort of thing: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/windows-cannot-start-new-hardware-device-49 @aidanrayes Have you tried DDU to uninstall the drivers and then do a fresh driver install?
  11. Ok, have you confirmed it then by connecting the PS4 or PC directly to the router itself? What kind of router is it? Does it have a status display in its web interface that shows throughput that you can watch, or any form of logging? Also, is it a true disconnect? For example, if you completely lost connection, PSN should show you offline or disconnected, right? Or the network status in Windows, what does it say at these times? Do these issues tend to happen during a particular time window, like the evening, or does it seem to happen throughout the day?
  12. I'm not really a fan. I want to try the chair before I buy it. So far I think most gaming chairs are more about looks than function, or you're overpaying for a high-backed office chair.
  13. I'd prefer to look for coupons when I need them. I don't need an extra extension touching my already bloated browser.
  14. I'd go by the motherboard QVL myself considering Asrock updates their QVLs most of the time with revisions. I do see the forum post where it worked on the latest BIOS minus a few different peripherals, but that doesn't mean things are as they should be: http://forum.asrock.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=17163&KW=4350G&PID=82152&title=4350g-support-for-asrock-fatal1ty-b450-gamingitx#82152 I'd ask for an official response through Asrock support.
  15. Where does it say 4000 hours remaining? Windows? Since it's a Dell (and I'm assuming laptop), if it has a UEFI BIOS (i.e. made in the last few years) chances are you should have some battery health readouts available in the BIOS. Check there first. Also, in the future when asking these questions, more details would be helpful...for example, the model of laptop or tablet, etc. in question.
  16. There are signaling/voltage differences from my understanding. SATA will work with a SAS controller usually, SAS drives will not work with SATA controllers. Here's a couple posts on them: https://superuser.com/questions/191681/can-sas-drives-work-on-a-sata-motherboard/191683 https://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?t=76013 That being said, you can probably pick up an outdated LSI SAS controller relatively cheap, like on ebay.
  17. Or someone's doing a lot of downloading constantly ...or someone configured the router to rate limit that port, etc.
  18. How do you know the problem isn't the new switch? Have you tested for the same behavior by connecting the PS4 and PC to the router's 4 port switch directly (unless your unit's one of the rare ones that only has a single LAN out).
  19. Well, both the PS4 and the PC are wired...are they connected to the same thing? Is it a wireless router, and is it the same thing your mobile phone is using? Find the point in common...perhaps you have interfering DHCP IP assignments or something. See if whatever everything's connected to has some form of logs you can check. Also, what's the incoming connection? Fiber, coax, telephone line (DSL), etc.? Are you using your own modem? If so, does it meet the standards for the connection type/speed you currently have? Check the status page on that (if it's a standalone or ISP rou
  20. Been using an RMx 850W for several years with a 1080Ti as well without issue, but admittedly I haven't tried a 3k series card in my box.
  21. I'd stick it on the back of the motherboard tray, if for nothing else than you said the GPU is close to it. Let your GPU breathe. Even if it's not an obstruction...you have the space, and at least to me it'd be more aesthetically-pleasing to have the SSD out of view.
  22. Sounds like you narrowed it down to your network...so, troubleshoot your network. Are both the PS4 and PC using wireless? If so, does the situation improve with a wired connection? Any other devices experiencing issues on occasion?
  23. When you state you've tested with older and more basic keyboards, does that include wired keyboards?
  24. Show me more practical use cases that shows this quote-on-quote new technology has that gives it a massive advantage where jumping ecosystems is worth it.