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SSD in frozen state


So, my pc was acting weird that I tried to secure erase my ssd, and what I found was when I went to the secure erase tab, it says my ssd is in frozen state.

Do you know what frozen state means and is it ok to just leave it frozen?


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Hello PCNoobie


Usually just putting the system to 'sleep' for a few minutes and waking it up is all that is needed to 'unfreeze' them. Basically this "Frozen" labelling is a feature to stop anyone other than you from Secure Erasing your SSD's, setting a password, or even locking your drive down with ransomware. Easiest way to break the "Frozen" label is boot into Windows(if it's not your OS drive that is frozen) you can do one of a few things, put the drive into hibernate, or power it down completely, or, the last straw, pull the power from the drive while you're in Windows and then reconnect it. It's got something to do with UEFI BIOS and bypassing it, to make the drive usable again. Sometimes your drives will be frozen when you try to use the Secure Erase Utility in the BIOS. It will prompt a restart. After a restart, you can proceed to secure erase them.

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