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Maxnomic Dominator vs DXracer Max Series

I have narrowed my next chair purchase to these two chairs. The Maxnomic Dominator "Classic Pro" or the DXracer Max OH/MM0/NG. Most of what I have read online, reviews and such concern the cheaper Casual Sport/Formula Series chairs and I am having trouble finding good commentary on these mid-tier offerings.


Generally superior build quality.

Really slick styling on "Classic Pro".

Lumbar padding seemed more well received.

Linus Media Group's preferred chair brand in new office.


Superior headrest in the "Max" line.

Better documentation on their website.

Slightly more expensive ($15) after shipping.

Sponsor to many esports teams.



I would like feedback from anyone that owns either of these two, as well as general experiences any of you have had with either of these companies. Though this is what I have narrowed my needs down too, if anyone else has any recommendations for full back supporting, headrest including chairs <$500, I am open to alternative suggestions.


No, before you mention Herman Miller/Steelcase Leap refurbs those were both ruled out for lack of headrest. Part of the reason I am in the market for a new chair is back issues and a full spine supporting chair along with headrest was recommended by my doctor.

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DX Racers are mainstream. So maxnomic, have you heard of GT Omega ? Linus has a review on one I believe.



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DX Racers are mainstream. So maxnomic, have you heard of GT Omega ? Linus has a review on one I believe.

They are mainstream for a reason.

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They are mainstream for a reason.

So are razer/logitech products, doesn't mean they're good. Also op you don't need a headrest, it doesn't do anything for your back and spine. I'm using an aeron without a headrest and it's fine, also you can grab one separately if you really want one.

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I own an M-Series for about a year already.  I recommend it.


I sit in it on average of 6-8 hours a day. Its pretty comfort the entire time.


They have a more dense/firm sponge padding for the longer sit times then the other DXRacer Series's.


As soon as you open the box for one you see why its priced what it is.  Their quality made. They will last as long as you take care.


Maxnomic's are moslty based on older designed DXRacer chairs from what I read Online back when I bought mine.

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I have owned the DXRacer MAX chair for about 4 months, as I work from home I sit in this chair about 10 hours a day and it is freaking comfy even after 10 hours of sitting in it.

Love it well worth the money.

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