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  1. I would love to see something in this form factor with an AMD APU rather than Intel XE GPU. Maybe something like a 4500U or 4800U since both are similar 15W platforms. Nice thing about intel is that you get to use Thunderbolt 4. You could probably use it as a serious grab-n-go PC with the right docking station.
  2. I like EVE's industrial design. Its nice and professional and doesn't scream "gamer" at me. The tech specs on that thing aren't as great as a year ago, but they are still cutting edge. Those production quality issues are yikes. Hopefully they sort them out before they ship to backers. I am glad I dodged a bullet with the Eve V and got a Microsoft Surface instead. Their last Kickstarter was a shitshow.
  3. My laptop's built in 3.5mm headphone/mic combo port stopped working. I previously used a cheap Logitech USB headset so it was a non-issue but they broke and my brother donated me his Philips SHB9500 + V-Moda BoomPro Combo after he decided to go full wireless. So now I need some sort of USB sound card to use my new gaming "headset" with my laptop again. Was considering a Creative Sound BlasterX G1 or a HyperX Amp USB sound Card as they are from reliable brands and <$50. There seemed to be a bunch of generic branded ones on Amazon but there is almost no info on an
  4. Webcam mics will always be mediocre because both the distance and the tiny size. You might be better keeping your existing webcam and maybe getting a USB mic, lavaliere mic, or headset mic depending on use case. Hell if your computer has bluetooth you can use an existing bluetooth headset.
  5. I imported a cheap $10 USB 2.0 1080P capture card from China and it worked well enough to capture video even from my HDCP protected PS4, which not even my old Elgato GameCapture could do. EposVox did a good video on the cheap stuff:
  6. Besides the Intel's first party Compute Stick which has that "stick" form factor I am not a big fan of there seem to be hundreds of Z8350 Mini PCs off Amazon, none of which are from brands I recognize, none which I could find 3rd party reviews of and many of, and many of them having as much as 33-50% of their reviews showing up as fake when you put their Amazon listing through ReviewMeta's Amazon listing analyzer. My question is if anyone here has an experience with Z8350 powered MiniPCs, how did they fare as media PC set-top boxes, which is my proposed application, and if there we
  7. Sorry about that. I was just UPS shopping on Amazon myself and of course Amazon intrusively recommends their own brands. Thanks for splitting the thread. Anyway anyone have any experience with the AmazonBasics brand? They are a relatively new development as far as AmazonBasics products go so there is very little videos about them beyond a couple of basic unboxings, with no commentary, and one person showing the guts and how to replace the battery. I found no info about the quality of the components or the included software package. As usual most of the Amazon reviews we
  8. How do people feel about the AmazonBasics 800VA UPS? My APC 550VA battery died and I honestly feel it is under rated for my current rig. Getting that AmazonBasics UPS is literally the same price as my APC replacement battery and can increase the rating to be more inline with my current build.
  9. I have a Meshify S2 and it is a pleasure to build in. It is by far the best case I have ever owned. Really happy with my purchase. The main deciding factor about why I chose the Meshify S2 was its removable front filter and ease of cleaning as I am in a household with a lot of pets, that was an important feature for me.
  10. Where do you think ifixit is getting those steel bits from? They certainly aren't being made in the USA. Being China made isn't why they are garbage. The low cost is the reason. If you're that worried about the quality of the steel just search for a Precision Kit with S2 steel from Amazon.
  11. Thanks, I hate it Linus. Loved the deadpan delivery tho.
  12. When I had an Alienware M11x R2 Dell had me do some basic diagnostics over the phone, overnighted parts (a new motherboard) to a local service technician, and they fixed it on my dining room table 2 days later. It took a while to diagnose but I appreciated not having to ship and be without my PC for long. I always view depot service as something to be avoided if possible because it always means being without the machine for potentially weeks and additional things breaking in transit.
  13. So there are a lot of deals for smartwatches this holiday and I am interested in a Samsung one because I am already in the Samsung ecosystem, with my Samsung phone, already using Samsung Pay, etc. That being said I can't find many honest comparisons between the S3 Frontier and the Galaxy Watch that really highlight the differences beyond low effort "this one is newer, buy it" on SEO-optimized blogspam sites. Besides the Galaxy Watch not supporting MST Samsung Pay and having superior battery life what are the main differences between the two? I know the Galaxy Watch has a faster pro
  14. Does this kind of permissions shenanigans also affect G-Suite's Paid Email? Do you think Exchange Online / Office 365 Business Essentials would be a better option? I use Outlook for work email both on my desktop and my phone. Do you think using Microsoft's paid email service would be good for personal use as well?
  15. I am trying to move away from Google so migrating to G Suite / Gmail for Business might be a bit counterproductive. I was researching further and I like the idea of something open source. Am thinking of a cloud-hosted Open-Xchange provider.