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Mouse Ideally <50€, wired/wireless


Looking for a mouse. I read the thread regarding mice and after checking out the options, it's either none are available locally to try in person or are INSANELY expensive, way out of budget. I need a good mouse for shooters (Ready or Not, Arma, TABG, etc), basic work (Browsing sites, coding, nothing specific), and some occasional random games like Minecraft (Basically just a shooter without the guns lmao). 

Ideally I'd prefer it to be <50€ but I'm sure the budget could stretch a little if the mouse will be drastically better. I live in Lithuania so add like 1.5x off of USD pricing as a general rule of thumb. Buying soon because my current Steelseries Rival 3 is having some issues with detecting my input and is overall just worn down and not doing very well.

Specific preferences:

- Large hand size (According to the thread), 18x10cm

- Comfort similar to that of the Rival 3, weight doesn't have a big impact

- At least 2 side buttons with preference for more (Arma moment)

- Small/specialised brands are likely not going to exist here

- Good build quality (I plan on using it for a long while)

- Proper software that isn't borderline bloatware or installs McAffee

- Reliable


Wireless or wired, doesn't matter. I can take either. Appearance also doesn't matter either seeing as I'll not be able to see the thing, so what's the point

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HyperX Haste/Haste 2 should be around there on sale.

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