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    Audio / LEGO (work oriented) / Football (no not american)
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    Senior Concept Architect - LEGO


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    Asus Z370-F ROG
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    2x8GB G-Skill Trident Z CL14 + 2x8GB G-skille Trident Z CL16
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    1080 TI ASUS ROG OC edition
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    Fractal Define R6 TG Blackout
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    2x1TB MX400 1x750 MX300 1x500 MX300 1x250 Samsung 830 + SN750 500gb NVME
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    Corsair RM850
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    Samsung Space saver 144hz VA panel
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    Kraken X62 + Loads of 140mm
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    Ducky Shine 6 - Modded + Ducky 3 moddem + KBDfans Walnut custom keyboard. alle ducky Browns
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    G502 Logitech and G903
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    Yamaha HS7 / HE 4xx / M1060 / K712 Pro / X2´s so i bit of everything, would not want to look in my old headphone graveyards, of unused headphones, it is a bit big
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    Windows 10

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  1. i remember when is was younger here i Denmark, i really did not understand why our goverment fought so much against monopoly, because, if a company was the best, then why should they not monopolise the marked.. But being older, i am glad that they still fight for free competition, so larger companies cannot push people out, especially on "connections" to houses. being able to choose between 10+ providers in most areas just keeps prices low, and things like "data caps" have never been an issue, since the first time someon introduces a data cap, all their customers goes e
  2. i must admit i have been to so many routers in my life, with high bandwith, i found real stability the day i seperated the two devices, to an ER4 and Unifi accesspoints.. to have a dedicated modem, with a high performance chipset is such a great thing.
  3. i have a full house of UNIFI equipment, and yes i know that there are better and cheaper options but i like it. now i have always run a ER4 router (edgerouter) and the controller on my server, which i hated, the ER4 is nice and fast however, but got a cheap dream machine pro.. so i need to move my controller onto the dream machine, is the best solution just to "remove all licenses" on all unfi and adopting them and rebuilding my WIFI configs on the new dreambox, or can i just move the "config" and ownerships from my PC to the Unifi? have 4 access points sc
  4. fun for me the 2 tings i actually always look at, after the look of the case, is the size, and the 140mm fan support, normally buys only cases that are purely 140mm since i like the sound signature of these better than the 120.. when building for low noise, so Fractal Define has always been my goto, have a few of these cases, in different itterations. with an AIO i have the Kraken with 2x140mm there is so much more CFM since the hub size is the same, so the extra 20mm is pure airflow.
  5. Live in Denmark, so cars are extremely expensive, so i own a 2017 VW Passat B8 1.4TSI Estate (well equipped) 2019 VW Polo GTI Manual Both owned from new, ordered a Tesla Model 3 LR to kill the old Passat, since the Tesla is a Full Electric, and that is fully exempt from taxation here, and tax is aprox 150% on top of the price. so in theory it is a 76x.xxx Dkkr car (120k ish dollars) for 460 (75k ish) no pictures of the Passat on my phone, other than all the quality issues, the fun thing is, i am really not a fan of the VW group... wife loves the cars,
  6. the only ones visual in the enviroment is extremist, i know plenty of people that has a full vegaterian diet. some choose it because of health reasons some actually does not really have the taste for meats.. none i know have a negative focus on the rest of us, i know one Vegan however and she is VERY extreme in what she does. To be honest, i don´t even consider them if we make a diner for a lot of friends, we make what we want, that is just how it is. when we visit them, we eat meat free. but there are elements like than in ALL areas, i remember the BIG thin
  7. it all depends on perspective, even though i don´t really like the guy, i saw a video from the VinWiki guy about what he felt was his defining metric of measuring wealth.. and for him, it was the amount of money that he could loose without it stressing him out.. I personally have always focused on a bit of the same... setting myself in a situation where day to day expenses is not really a problem.. if we get friends visiting, i´ve put myself where, i do what i want, when we have food, so maybe using 200-300 dollars on a good homecooked meal and something to drink, is no
  8. you can even stop the fans, the safety mechanism will just throttle the game (the lag you felt) so you will never hit dangerous temperatures. you will need to mod, or do worse for the card to be damaged. or have faulty power delivery. so don´t be scared about that...
  9. as stated i really also think that at the current state, yes a professional film can be made with the phone camera, some might even use it in scenes to create a "dogma" stile delivery... although the limitations is there, unless you do begin to use actual lenses that kan create the "BOKEH" movies, of having blurred backgrounds and so on. I remember the early days in Denmark, when the "dogme" movie was done, where focus was on the actual storyline, and removal from "cinematics" and the trickery of good equipment and special effects, it created a different closeness to t
  10. the 3080 is quite a bit faster, especially in RTX performance.. running the 8700k at stock, and running on an SSD i believe it is running from an normal SATA SSD, i do have a SN750 drive in my pc... but also a lot of normal SSD´s but have never felt any performance difference between SSD´s in games.. SSD vs HD is something completely different. my 1080ti in my son´s pc seems to run it great too, but at lower resolutions..
  11. depends on the time... if i am early to work, and just relaxing, i mig get through 2-3 answers, and be the top one simply because i am online in a time frame in EU where the forum is dead.
  12. i run a 8700k + 3080 and 32gig and 1440p maxed out with RTX, although at Quality DLSS, runs like a charm.. i get that the game has visual defects, and people seem to be steaming about it, in a way that if you like the game, then you are stupid... i must say i have loved the game for the first 10 hours of gameplay, no crashes.. i have had the odd visual defect, like cigarettes hanging in the air when talking to Johnny, and a wierd "call of my car" that just went beserk in an area... but it has not been that bad for me.. i might just be lucky, i simply love the game, and
  13. the threats sent to Hardware unboxed, are simply "insane"... the cards however actually performs well, both in rasterization and in Raytracing (although with DLSS on).. the whole debacle is just about them attacking a guy that actually spoke well about them, so there must be some bad blood between those two elements. but nevertheless, this way of trying to take ownership of media, is just not okay.. personally i am rocking the 3080strix, and i have nothing but good things to say, when i compare it to my old ROG 1080TI.. and runs Cyberpunk 1440p u
  14. i would actually think that it would work, have seen many of these dells run with 1050 and 1050 ti as small gaming machines, since office machines are cheap. DELL psu from office machines are actually pretty decent, because stability is needed. so as long as it is a 1050ti that only draws the 75watt from the pci-slot, then i would try it.
  15. yes you will be missing RTX but that is all, i am quite sure that the 1080TI on pc will deliver better fidelity than the new consoles, yes it is new architecture, but the 1080TI is = 2080 in speeds, so at 1440p i guess you will be running close to ultra. and it is a FPS game, so mouse controls seems to be a must.. and then again RTX is .. yes nice, i have the 3080GTX, but in reality it is only really valuable if you look for it.. the PC give you the possibility to finetune what you want, i guess PS5 might come with a "high FPS or High quality" and that is it..