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Displayport to HDMI adapter, is it just trash?


Hej, so recently i have gotten into couch gaming on my new PC, but carrying my PC from my table to the TV was tiring, so i plugged in my 10m long HDMI 2.1 cable into it and played some games in 4K. Only downfall being that i have to unplug one of my monitors to use the TV. The Cable runs 4K60. So then today, i went and bouth a Displayport to HDMI adapter, there was no description on the box of how much it supports, so i kinda assumed it was at least 4K30, later on the little guide paber or what ever it also stated 4K30. I was kinda disappointed, but you know i can still use it for movies and such. So i tired using it, and it doesn't allow me to go over 1080p60. 


I thought, well maybe its some issue with the HDMI or what ever, and brought my PC to my TV and tried the various cables on it 2.0 and 2.1 variations of them, reversed the cables as well, none of the HDMI cables i have at hand will not let 4k60 through the DP to HDMI. I tried using my main monitor with the adaptor, the image quality compared to direct HDMI was a bit grainy, not horrible but noticable enough that when i do work I'd see it.


From the pinned post here, i figured it should be a type 2 DP to HDMi passive converter.


Is it defective, and should i return it?


Also, would a active converter be better in my case, since I'm running it 10m away from my PC.



Ryzen 7 2700x

Gtx1080 8gb

32gb ram

If you need help on used parts, contact me. I'm an used enthusiast.

Open the spoiler to see some cool stuff!


My old/new tech Collection!


CPUs (11)

Intel Pentium III @ 733Mhz (Oldest of the Bunch)

Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.8Ghz (2002)

Intel Pentium 4 @ 3.0Ghz (2003)

AMD Sempron 64 2800+ @ 1.6Ghz (2004, Aug)

AMD Athlon 64 3500+ @ 2.2Ghz (2004, Jun)

2X Intel Xeon X5355 @ 2.66Ghz (2006, Q4)

Intel Pentium E2140 @ 1.6Ghz (2007, Q2)

Intel Xeon E5630 @ 2.53Ghz (2010, Q1)

Intel Core2 Duo E8400 @ 3Ghz (2008, Q1) (In use, @ 3.61Ghz)

Intel Pentium E6500 @ 2.93Ghz (2008, Q1)


GPUs (6)

Palit GeForce 6800 GS (Should be working, AGP 8X)

Club 3D GTS 450 (Working, PCI-e 16x)

Sapphire Radeon X800GTO (Working, PCI-e 16x)

Nvidia GeForce 4 (Last time worked, AGP 4X)

Nvidia GeForce FX (No idea, AGP 4X)

Gigabyte Radeon HD 7970 OC (Semi-dead, PCI-e 16x)


Ram (1)

No idea of the brand or Socket (Whopping 16 Mb memory)


Cables (1)

CrossFire X Cable


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I have used this CAC-1080 successfully from my 1080 DP to a Sony TV HDMI 2.0 port at 4k60 (HDMI 2.0b).


Not sure what kind of 10m cable you have so your results may vary. I've used a Bifale 8k 33m HDMI 2.1 fiber optic cable (1080 DP->CAC-1080->Fiber cable->TV) and it works at 4k60, but when plugged into the CAC-1080, the HDMI cable head seems to get hotter than when it's plugged directly into a native HDMI port so maybe not the best solution.


The grainyness you are mentioning is possibly because your DP->HDMI adapter is likely only HDMI 1.4. On HDMI 1.4, there isn't enough bandwidth for 4k60 and it's switching to 4:2:0 color in order to handle it. Movies are *meh* at 4:2:0, but you need "full RGB" 4:4:4 color for text to look normal. There are 4:4:4 test images to demonstrate.

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