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    I'm a watt?
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    Used Part hunting, Fiddling around with broken parts, Great Deals!
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    I come from a poor family, Got my first Pc for Christmas on 2010, it was a beast Gaming PC.
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    Harju Elekter AS


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    AMD Fx-8350 @ 4.6Ghz
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    Asus M5a99Fx Pro r2.0
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    Nada idea, got 16gb.
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    Gigabyte RX 580 4GB
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    Old janky-ass server case.
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    aData su650 480Gb SSD
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    Some 1000W PSU
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    2x Viewsonic VA2246M-LED
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    Generic cooling fan for a hot summer day duct taped to the side of the case
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    20€ cheap-o "gaming" keyboard
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    Trust something better than generic
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    Razer Kraken X
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    Windows 10 pro

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  1. The hdmi adapter might just be a 1.4 hdmi adapter. If it's a cheap adapter.
  2. Most likely a HDMI cable problem. You must have at least a hdmi 2.0 to get 120 Hz out of your monitor. Some monitors do support 120hz with hdmi 1.4 cables, but this particular one not. Simplest solution is a new hdmi 2.0 cable.
  3. Can you boot into bios? Also, inspect your graphics cards PCB, you might have accidentally broken off some SMD component.
  4. So I got my brother to take pictures of the card and I saw a few things, most were just empty soldering pads but there was this one orange tube, I'm guessing it's either a diode or fuse, probably more like a fuse. And I haven't really dealt with SMD circuits that much, but it seems broken to me. What do you think?
  5. I measured the PCIe lane ones, pairs usually measure around 250 - 310nF. They varied on groups for some reason. Is there any difference if I just put a higher capacity capacitor in place of the old one? And once I get home I'll take a closer inspection of the PCB
  6. In about 9 or 10 hours I can try to flash the card to a bios from Techpowerup. For that time being maybe someone can tell me the capacitance of them or has a schematic.
  7. Even if it is something with the Bios of the card. I'd still just in case love to resolder those caps. So that I won't have any future issues or any hiccups when using this card
  8. I forgot to add that before I started resoldering. Them I placed it into my pc, I saw a screen I had never seen before. Even though I had connect all the required power cables to the card.
  9. I've had such a problem before. I had a hd 7950 that had its aux power area ridden of a few capacitors. And due to that it didn't work. I let that be fixed by someone else, after they replaced the cap it worked again. Looked janky but it worked.
  10. No, I'm pretty sure that they were broken off before, because of 2 reasons. There was visible that it had something there but it was missing, solder was not rounded down like anywhere else, it was a bit spiked like something was removed by force. Second, is that I already looked at pictures of the back of this card, and the few i managed to find had those 3 capacitors. Also, the area near the die, it had its capacitor still in one of its solder pads but hanging on with its life. After I noticed it, I took it off but on further inspection of the capacitor, it had its one end broken
  11. I need someone's help that has a gigabyte gtx 760 windforce 3x 2gb by hand, and a multimeter to measure the capacitance of 3 capacitors. So recently I had gotten a gtx 760 for free, it was broken to some extent. I know it's not a GPU problem because it shows the boot logo of my Asus MoBo and any other MoBo I tried it on. But it gets stuck there. I inspected the PCB and found that 2 capacitors above the PCIe slot have been torn off (pic 1). I game my best to resolder them with my soldering station but no luck, still gets stuck. Most likely because of 2 problems. Near the GPU die on the bac
  12. Hej, so I was wondering if I can raid my 2 different SSDs, to get a r/w boost on them. Question: Will it work, if yes, what restrictions? What do I need for it? Can I already do it with my motherboard? SSDs: Samsung 1Tb (520r/560w) aData 500Gb (not sure of the r/w, but considerably slower) MoBo: Asus FX99A5 pro something (can't remember exactly. MoBo for the am3 platform)
  13. Have you both tried running the PC with one stick at a time to see if the sticks actually work, or if one is faulty. i had the same problem a few weeks ago, came out one of my ram sticks had gone bad, it was detected, but none of it was usable. once you've confirmed that both sticks are in working condition use this tutorial
  14. Hej, so recently i bought myself 2 new monitors, pretty budget, but you know, does the thing. Prior to these 2 monitors i had been using my TV for a screen, using HDMI, so the audio was routed through that. So i put em screens up, connected the DVI cables, since they don't have HDMI... plugged in the 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male cable from the of my MoBo to get audio through the screens built in speakers. Nothing, tried the front panel, nada. tried to use headphones, also nothing. no matter what port i plugged it in, nothing came up. at first i thought a restart might be needed. still nothing, uni