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Monitor not accepting DP input


Woke up this morning to a PC that would not display anything on my screen: the lights and fan would turn on as normal, but my monitor wouldn't display anything. 

Whenever I switch on my PC, the monitor would wake from standby, at which point it would detect no signal and go to sleep.


I figured out pretty quickly that this was specific to DP: my PC runs just fine off HDMI. Tried getting an image using DP off my laptop to no avail, and two separate cables were tried in the process. All signs point to this being a monitor issue.

This occurred extremely suddenly: I was using this monitor using DP less than 24 hours ago without any issue. I'm also confused as to why the monitor seems to detect a signal when my PC boots (as evidence by it waking it up from standby) but is unable to detect any signal, or why HDMI (and presumably DVI) works fine.


Anyone dealt with any similar issues before? My refresh rate is capped to 60Hz using HDMI so it would be a shame if the port had died, seeing as I have no way to use my monitor's 144Hz refresh rate, short of trying for a DP/DVI-D adpater that would allow it. Monitor is an Asus VG248QE (144hz, 1080p, 24") and I'm driving it using an EVGA XC RTX 2080.


Things I've tried:

  • Reseating cables at either end
  • Using a different cable
  • Using a different port on my GPU
  • Updating NVIDIA drivers
  • Using a different PC


AMD Ryzen R7 1700 (3.8ghz) w/ NH-D14, EVGA RTX 2080 XC (stock), 4*4GB DDR4 3000MT/s RAM, Gigabyte AB350-Gaming-3 MB, CX750M PSU, 1.5TB SDD + 7TB HDD, Phanteks enthoo pro case

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I've had some issues with my Asus monitor not working with DP. I thought it was killing my DP cables; so I switched to using HDMI for a few days. Tried using DP again after those few days (same cables as before, etc), and all worked perfectly.


I'd try using HDMI for a few days and going back to DP later. Also try fully power cycling the monitor (unplugging power brick/cable) and leaving it for a few minutes minimum.


Just throwing out some ideas, hope one of these can help 🙂

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