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PC Crashes With No BSOD When Playing Escape From Tarkov

So the title kinda says it all. Whenever I play Tarkov my entire PC shuts down and then reboots by itself. At first I thought it might be a PSU issue since I have a Ryzen 9 paired with a 3070 and a 750watt power supply, so I ran both a CPU and GPU benchmark at the same time (Prime95 and Furmark) however I got no crash. 

When checking event viewer, I can see the error im getting is “kernel power”.


I’ve tried resetting my entire PC, and previously to that reinstalling Tarkov to no avail. Is this an issue with the game, or is it something else? 


Here’s the PC specs I know, unfortunately my PC is prebuilt.

CPU: Ryzen 9 5900X

GPU: RTX 3070

PSU: Corsair RM750 Fully Modular

Any help would be amazing.

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No mention of a motherboard, but I suppose a bios update could be suggested at this time. No mention of system memory, could try defaulting that or enabling xmp whichever is what your doing do the opposite, but testing at defaults I'll suggest behing that statement.

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