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Trouble with Asus support

I have an Asus Turbo RTX 3090 which I was cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol and the serial number got wiped. I do have the bill which shows the serial number. The GPU started overheating so i took it to the Asus RMA fecility to get a replacement, the GPU has 2.5 years of warrenty left. They declined my repair request and said that cleaning your GPU with any liquid solution voids my warrenty. 


I would like to hear from you guys, if I should take them to consumer court or am I at fault.

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i mean... you can always try, but if the problem is overheating, and you've done work on the card that could cause cooling issues (they have no guarantee that you didnt wash out the thermal paste) they are as much in their right to deny your RMA as you are in your right to claim warranty. warranty protects against errors they made, not errors you made.


if it were a board issue, that'd be a more touchy topic though.


i'd say your only shot at consumer court is if their warranty limitations dont actually say you cant use 'liquid solutions' to clean the card.

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