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Previously used a HDD, then booted PC from SSD, and now my HDD files doesn't appear to be "usable/enabled".


Since I first got my PC, i've used a HDD for both booting and storage, but for a while, my PC has been really slow on occasions and specifically when starting it up for the first time. So, I purchased a SSD to make it faster. I booted up my PC from a USB-Drive where I installed Windows 10, and downloaded onto the SSD through the booting. Now, I am at the stage where my PC has booted successfully and everything is working. But, then there is the HDD, where i've installed all of my previous stuff. (I find it quite hard to word it, but i will try my best) My HDD is just kind of there on the PC. None of the applications or data appears whenever i search for it in the search bar, when it is in the documents. I can see all of the files on the HDD, but it' like they are just there and can't be used. Altough, i managed to run steam and i my games worked, but still, whenever i searched for it in the windows search bar, nothing shows up. So, I'm wondereing if there is any kind of way to sort of enable the applications even though it's not quiet that.


Appreciate any help:)

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