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Low FPS Pc


Hi, I have a GTX 1660 and a ryzen 3 2200g, and the FPS is really low, I play csgo at 1280 x 960 on low settins, the FPS gets around 95-130 sometimes 65. which is not good for the specs. on youtube the same pc gets 200-260 fps. I also tried hellblade on 1080p at medium and the FPS goes to 25 sometimes.

I know that my cpu is not very good, but the fps should be much higher than it is. I already formatted the pc, installed the latest drivers and its the same.

I'm about to buy a R5 3600, but I'm afraid that the cpu is not the real problem and the fps continue low.

PC Specs

 - asrock a320m-hd

 - RAM: 2x8gb at 2666mhz (one is ballistix and the other one is hyperx, I  know mixing 2 different brands is not good but thats probably not the problem. it is in dual channel)

 - CPU: ryzen 3 2200g

 - GPU: GTX 1660 6gb

 - 2x SSD Kingston 240gb

 - Power source 500W 80 plus

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