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Need A New HDMI Cable For eARC


My TV is connected to a receiver (5.1 channel) with a single HDMI cable with eARC enabled. Anything connected to the receiver (game consoles, etc) sound fine, but trying to play content from the TV itself (smart TV apps like Netflix) produces a crackling sound in the speakers. When I first setup my home theater eARC wasn't working at all, and I discovered it was the cheap/bad HDMI cable I was using. I bought a much higher quality $20 cable that fixed the issue, but there's been that crackling ever since.


Long story short: I just need someone to recommend a good 4K, eARC verified HDMI cable for me to buy. I know LTT did a piece on HDMI cables, but I can't actually find 75% of the cables they listed for sale anywhere, and among the ones I can find, I'm not sure of the exact model since there are so many SKUs and variations. For example: Infinite Cables got good marks in LTT's testing, but they aren't sold on Amazon, and every cable under 10FT is sold out on their website. And the Best Buy Insignia cables also got good marks, but they cost WAY more than LTT recommends paying.

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