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  1. sigh...hdmi 2.1 is new...hell theres hardly any certified for short distances. later in the year im guessing more will show up but for 6' and under...anything over 6' will take longer and im guessing pricey it sucks for some of us that need that distance...but even optical hdmi 2.0 are pricey unless you go generic
  2. i got that receiver...as long as audio is set for arc in the tv it "should" work the receiver going to "tv" is normal. top right button on remote is audio select. need to make sure to the right of the display of tv it has a "H" showing.. oh also in receivers settings make sure arc is on now another issue your going to run into with arc if it works...audio from the tv apps will be surround...but not devices plugged into tv those will be stereo welcome to the crap fest that is arc if you use a optical cable the right of the tv symbol should a "A"
  3. oleds do support it...but your getting crappy color gamut at 420 not to mention 8bit. 4k 60hz 444 10bit is what you should run till you get your new gpu. better picture
  4. oohhh so its not a powered sub? then no... sub settings in that receiver will not work. actually sub wont work because you will have to pull from the fronts so sub will get full sound and sound like crap you need a amp just for the sub to use the receivers sub feature what you need is something like this (this is a example) https://www.amazon.com/Acoustic-Audio-WS1005-Subwoofer-Amplifier/dp/B00VF5TY7E/ref=sr_1_10?dchild=1&keywords=external+sub+amp&qid=1610609844&sr=8-10 im guessing that sub came from a all in one system where the receiver itself
  5. can you post a pic of the back of sub to see the connections? the receiver is a low power connection (rca) for the sub output if your sub doesnt have a low power rca input then it wont work.
  6. if your sub still doesnt work the speaker setting need to be set to small.
  7. thats more then i paid for my sapphire 590 nitro years ago. not a deal
  8. now a days they are pretty good. the higher end they are the better. the tu7000 and tu8000 are more mid/low end but are decent in game mode
  9. because the LG UJ6300 is a lower end tv. samsung does the same thing...you wont see 1440 support till the mid/higher end tvs a lot of times. there are a brand or 2 that might have it on a lower end tv.
  10. oh ok..you need to adjust tv settings Game Motion Plus The Frame 2020 supports low latency motion interpolation, great for improving motion on low frame rate games or 60fps games with an inconsistent frame rate. The options are almost identical to the Motion Interpolation settings. To enable motion interpolation in Game mode, enable Game Motion Plus, and adjust the sliders to your preference. The Judder Reduction slider allows you to interpolate content up to 60 fps, and the Blur Reduction slider allows you to interpolate content up to 120fps. The LED Clear Motion setting enables the
  11. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=digital+tv+tuner+card&ref=nb_sb_noss
  12. oh then thats why you wont see 4k 120hz. if the xbox doesnt have hdmi 2.1 then all youll see is 4k 60hz (hdmi 2.0)
  13. are you using a hdmi 2.1 cable? theres a lot out there that say they are 2.1 but fail.
  14. not sure if this it but, i have my avr set to bypass video. i can turn my tv off and still stay 5.1.
  15. the Wraith stealth that comes with the 3600 sucks. of the amd coolers the Wraith max and Wraith Prizm are the best when i had my 3600 the max worked awesome. usual at load stayed around high 50s to low 60s
  16. yea im researching more how to tweak PBO. but cooling will be better when my water cooler gets here
  17. fixed it..reset bios and looked even more in each tab.....apparently theres 2 places to enable PBO on my asus board the different sites said it was in advanced (which it was) it was the one under ai tweaker that needed enabled..now it boosts 4.8 single the rest were 4.4 but damn it got hot quick, it tried to go 4.6 the rest of cores but it was thermal throttling...almost instant 90c doing cinebench but dropped back again almost instant to 43c when done...cant wait for water cooler to come in
  18. the windows install isnt that old but. yea it took installing ryzen master before windows realized oh i do have a 8/16 cpu lol i reset bios. and already did everything in bios i can i have windows power settings to ryzen high performance i even went and looked through the advanced just in case something there changed. if this is some damn windows setting thats messed up...dammit where is it lol
  19. yep reset cmos....got it to overclock to 4.6 all core..no issues (well temps touched 80c) but it ran fine it just wont boost threw back in my 3600...just opening a program it boosted...just not this 5800x
  20. yea my 5800x is also not boosting at all. what ever all core is thats it wont boost past it.
  21. 5800x asus x570 tuff gaming (latest bios and chipset drivers) ripjaw v c16 3600 2x8 first started out windows and apps would only detect 6/12 core. it took installing ryzen master for everything to detect 8/16 now it wont boost at all im noticing. (it wasnt boosting when everything said it was 6/12 also) if all core is set to 3.8 thats it...set it to 4.2 again thats it it will downclock itself fine but wont boost past what speed is set at i even went onto bios and turned on and adjusted PBO...nope still wont boost at all past stock speed what am i missing
  22. im willing to bet your tv upscaled the 1080p picture to 4k. tvs now a days do a good job of it. and yes tvs these days work really good as monitors..been using tvs for the last 10+years
  23. ah ok your not understanding your 1080p receiver will still except the audio from the splitter. it just wont output video and your firestick will detect the splitter as the device so it will still send out the 4k signal and surround. that splitter has its own edid and everything. so even thou one device (receiver) doesnt support hdcp 2.2 the firestick wont see it i do understand the risk thou...but it should work. (sucks your not allowed returns) but up to you in the end.
  24. multi channel for gaming? absolutely atmos? dont see the need for it really in gaming. to me more for movies im running a 7.1.4 atmos set up and as long as the game plays any of the surround formats is fine with me and yes the receivers with hdmi 2.1 have issues. but you can get it to work with passthrough (it can be a pain in the azz to first set up but it does work, at least for comps) i dont remember what console will not work with hdmi 2.1 in receivers
  25. using earc from a source other then tv apps has always been broken when it comes to any surround. 5.1, 7.1, atmos. you want atmos you need a atmos capable receiver and speakers. headphones and sound bars that say they are atmos are not..like some sound bars are set up to throw the audio in a way to make it seem like it is.