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Hi All,


I was wondering if I can get some help troubleshooting my soundbar setup. I have a Samsung A550 Soundbar, and a Samsung TV Model UN65RU7100F.


When I initially set it up, I had it running through HDMI ARC ports on both the soundbar and TV. This was allowing the tv and bar to be adjusted with my tv remote. However after a few months, the sound default source is reverting back to the tv speaker when powered on. Usually I can get it to switch to ARC by selecting the bar in the settings on the tv, but recently that has been problematic, not to mention really annoying. I had a tech support chat with Samsung and after an hour of trying different solutions, they had me swap HDMI cables. And that worked, for three days. Today I turned on the tv and it did reverted back to the tv speaker. I tried swapping cables again, but it didn’t resolve it this time.


Anyone have some insight into this issue?



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it sounds like your bar isnt "waking up" when you turn on the tv and the tv switches to speakers

not sure if its an issue with the bar or earc (it could be a earc thing thou ive had my lg do that when i turn it on when connected to comp)

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You've enabled earc? and "enhanced hdmi" (or something similar) is on?

You've tried resetting the sound bar (probably refer to the manual (i've got the q600a, which is the model up with atmos to yours), for me it's When it's off, hold the power button on the speaker for 10 seconds, older ones it was when on the plus and minus.

Proud owner of a custom water cooled Ryzen 1400. 5800x  

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