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  1. Unplug everything except cpu, 1 stick of ram and psu. See if it works, if not reseat cpu. If it does. Plug one thing in at a time. Also check risers for mobo and if you put on your own cpu fan mount. Make sure it's properly installed.
  2. Whats your mobo? Usually there's a header it connects too, if not you'll need a hub that has usb. So mine for example all connect to a corsair icue hub then usb, except for my distro board which is 5v and connects to it's own header on the board.
  3. Got the temp sensor today, during cinebench hit 36'c after 5. Topped at 38 by the time it finished. Ambient was about 26'c. (air con on 24'c) Sit's on 28'c on idle.
  4. Latest bios on the b450? Sounds like same problem.
  5. From all the other threads I've looked at, I'm thinking that too. My main concern is pipes busting.
  6. Yeah bought one, should be here friday. In eco mode only hits 60'c but at 4ghz, I'll keep it in that until I get the sensor. I'm not using for gaming anytime soon anyway. I've been scouring the internet but it seems like a very common issue even with others having a 360mm rad. I take the pic when the temp sensor comes.
  7. After playing around with it, the thermal difference is 5'c. Are these it? 2 is within 5 seconds of running cinebench.
  8. Yeah it's behind the rad atm, Just visually when I reapplied the block. It's was flush the whole way round. Yeah block is right way, thankfully it's pretty clear, and the distro plate is too. That's how bykski had it in their pics. Though it's meant for a Intel setup, the pipes would be perfectly aligned not on the angle it is now. Just bought a temp sensor, see what the fluid temps are.
  9. Yeah Tried 2000, 3000rpm and 4000rpm (4000rpm caused my old pipes to burst (Soft tubing)). No difference in temp. Mobo doesn't go past 42'c. Here's a pick of the loop. Arrows show flow of water. I've realized a big difference since my last loop, The fans on the top are Corsair, the ones on the bottom are cheapo's. I'm gonna change them over to see if it drops.
  10. I remounted and reapplied thermal paste. It still sits on 40'c and hit 85'c So should I worry about my pipes bursting under load? P.S. Will post pics later.
  11. That's what I was thinking, I hate taking off this heatsink as it usually rips the cpu from the socket. Yeah it will have two triple rads then, I was gonna add a 3080/ti into the loop, but I think I won't or get a 3rd triple rad.
  12. It's 4.5ghz, so it's throttling a little. I knew the chip was hot but goddam, I'm worried it's gonna brake my pipes. I've got another tripple rad on the way. might just hold off to do some more benchmarks, until it's here.
  13. So my ryzen 5800x is in a custom water cooled loop triple rad, hitting 85'c. My 1400 wouldn't go past 50'c (I know a huge power difference). It's instant when it's in high use and wont move down unless it goes back to idle. I'm worried about my petg tubing. It sits on 40'C on idle (about 30'c ambient, semi-rural aus) which is fine but 50'c for browsing.
  14. Sounds like power issues, could be a fault with the GPU. Stress test the new GPU to see if the problem happens, if not try the old gpu and see if it happens.