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So I finally decided to look around for a new gaming chair (or any office chair I dont mind). In my country I could not found any for my height/weight like at all, everything is super small or not in stock.


I went and looked around and found AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair which fits just da best. problems is it is not sold in my country and I cant find any decent shops outside country that do not asks for huge delivery price. It is already 480eurs, amazon price is 500 eur + delivery. Anyone can suggest any shops with decent price fo the chair and delivery to Lithuania or maybe any other gaming chairs that similar size (but not smaller, mby by a little little)

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Shipping prices are calculated by two factors, weight and size. With gaming chair, you are gonna have both on the top end, even if using just local postal services. So what kind of shipping price would be cheap and what is high here? I would estimate its something like €60-80 just for shipping (I have handled Noble chair packages in local handling center, they are really that big).


I would recommend that you steer away from "gaming chairs" and go for actual office supplies. Or stores selling old office supplies outlet style. Those chairs are much more robust than most gaming chairs.

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Id suggest not getting any racer chair and getting a secretlabs chair instead, love my titan softweave.

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Monitors: (Main) LG Ultragear 34" 2k Ultrawide 144hz IPS '34GP83A-B' (Side) Acer Predator 27" 2k 144hz TN 'Abmiprz'

Peripherals: Corsair K100 OPX | Logitech G502 Lightspeed | Corsair Virtuoso SE | Audioengine A2+

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On 8/1/2021 at 8:25 PM, Daethz said:

Id suggest not getting any racer chair and getting a secretlabs chair instead, love my titan softweave.

thats what I eventually did, got that new 2022 titan xl from secret lab, had cheapest shipping and linustechtips review soooo could not go wrong 😄

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