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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600, 6Core/12Threads 3.2-3.6GHz, 19MB, AM4, 65W, 14nm
  • Motherboard
    ASRock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance LED 2x8GB DDR4 3200MHz C16 - White LED
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    FRACTAL DESIGN Define R5 Titanium
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    Crucial MX500 2.5-INCH SSD 1TB (Read/Write) 560/510 MB/s
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    PSU EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2 750W, 80 PLUS Gold, Full modular
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    1/ BENQ GL2460, 2/ AOC U3277FWQ
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    Be quiet! Pure Rock
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    Razer Ornata Chroma
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    Razer Mamba tournament edition
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    1/ Samsung home theater + trust subwoofer 2.1, 2/ Razer Thresher Ultimate
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    Win 10

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  1. Problem - mouse stutter jumpy or just wont move on a few spots on my new cloth kind of mouse pad. got a fancy dark souls themed mousepad, a big one half mu desk. Its awesome, could be better but let it be. But mouse on it especially on the part where i actually use it every now and then stutter as if there is hair on the sensor or smth similar I cleared it but still the same. As it did not happen before as I was using one of those plastic pads I think it is my new pad. can it be somehow solved without changing my new pad? It was pretty expensive and I like it:(
  2. thats some advanced stuff xD maybe u can suggest a "beginner kit" like a beginner package with keyboard to assemble, so I could try it out, pref with some kind of backlight and 65% (with del/hoem keys but no function)
  3. but not all of them ar switchable or smth like that Idk, never used customs so have no idea what and how they work. Also any tips for keyboards I just randomly found one maybe they are not that good. Can be non wireless too. Regardless keys reds are like good to go?
  4. Hello, So the day come when I think to look around for my first custom mechanical keyboard, till now used razer and its fine but wanna smth custom, smth my won you know. So I went around found few options like - https://www.keychron.com/products/keychron-k2-wireless-mechanical-keyboard?variant=31063869718617 Its cheaper but I think more than okay for my first try out. But problem is I could not find any with custom language as I really need eng-ru keyboard, using stickers su*ks and need to replace them every few months. So can someone suggest any custom
  5. thats what I eventually did, got that new 2022 titan xl from secret lab, had cheapest shipping and linustechtips review soooo could not go wrong
  6. Hello, So I finally decided to look around for a new gaming chair (or any office chair I dont mind). In my country I could not found any for my height/weight like at all, everything is super small or not in stock. I went and looked around and found AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair which fits just da best. problems is it is not sold in my country and I cant find any decent shops outside country that do not asks for huge delivery price. It is already 480eurs, amazon price is 500 eur + delivery. Anyone can suggest any shops with decent price fo the chair and delive
  7. Hello, So I was looking for how to boost/ stabilize fps in an specific gam (Hunt showdown) and in their community I got suggestion to turn on PBO and tweak some other settings such as LLC but I was not able to found LLC. Anyone here uses tomahawak b550 +3600 ryzen and have worked/ tweak those settings for better in game performance? I turned on PBO and set limits option to motherboard, theres also manual setting.
  8. okay so after like 30-60 min gameplay have that - gpu temp dropped down from 84~ to 68~ (Idk why it was that igh temp paste on it was still no dry but mby too little of it, arctic 4 gave 20 degrees) cpu tempt is around 55~ and clock stays over 4000 most of the time what never happened before always was mid 3900 xD and in the game I play (hunt showdown) got extra 10~ fps. That was def worth the upgrade xD
  9. oh ye watched this one, its is not bend like that it is mount correct but co of thick thermalpad on tomahawk heatsink it bends it so I loosen up the screws a little, its still little bend but not as much, if its still bad only thing I can do is totaly remove tomahawk heatsink.
  10. I do not understand what the picture shows pretty much same thing no ? I removed middle stand as shown on RIGHT so my nvme popped 20 degrees up (its normal as far as I know) and then I jsut used tomahawk heatsink to screw it up on top to the "80" stand, and coz heatsink thermalpad is so massive and thick it pends nvme a little. regarding fans they work I set it up but it the first time in years I had to use actual manual papers to find out how ooh so that sound was fine okay, will test out today some more to see how noisy it is on load (in game) will let you know th
  11. Forgot to add specs: ryzen 5 3600 gtx 1080ti adata s50 1tv nvme B550 Tomahawk Viper 4 red 3200 32gb (16x2) deepcool l240 v2 EVGA 750 GQ Fractal design R5 platinum case g502 corsair void pro headset razer keyboard (cant even remember which one, one of those semi-mechanical) asus ultrawide 1440p aoc 4k 32" two old samsung speakers from home theater set got them for free, hookedup with audio cables and YJHiFi controller, it works, enough for now xD
  12. Yo-yo my small upgrades today thought will post what I got set up for the last few years starting with a small 50cm on 50cm desk and laptop to this. never liked rgb that much but it does look good xD and upgrades that did todays are and some cleaning xD still have long way to improve my cable management but have not enough patient with it to make it perfect xD
  13. temps are btw - gtx 1080ti (after clean and changing termo paste) 54 idle (cant remember what it was before) cpu - 34~ idle, jumps to 50~ on small load (steam game download/install, cpu usage 50-70%)
  14. yeee, so I set it all up, had some issues with nvme it was bending when I mount heatsink on it, just did not screw it up to the end and it is more or less okay, bends mby just a little. ( I tried to remove that nvme plate with logo but was not able it stuck there to death :D) it works, so let it be. AIO, now I get what people meant when said fans are loud :D, they are veeeeery loud xD tried to adjust in bios a little but when they hit around 900-1000 rpm they are like car engine xD will see how it goes maybe will change for smth else, setup was confusing as theres 2 cables from pump 4 from fan
  15. gold bronze psu ? it should be (Im pretty sure) only bronze or only gold, if its bronze I would mby think about getting gold 650 when u get your 3070 u know gold one always better. Plastic case can be a nice upgrade too, u can check smth like lianli mesh 2 it has a great air flow could help out maybe. other than that its up to u if u want new cpu or smth.