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Anyone think the NEW LHR versions will have less PPD than non-LHR


I was wondering if the lower hash rate that is being used on the new NVIDIA 30 series card will affect the PPD production for FAH users...


Would be nice to have this included in the benchmarks being used to review them.


Is anyone using the new LHR and is also a FAH user?




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Lhr is only for etherium mining, there's no affect for any other compute projects

please, pm me if you would like to contribute to my gpu bios database (includes overclocking bios, stock bios, and upgrades to gpus via modding)

Bios database

My beautiful, but not that powerful, main PC:

prior build:




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As you know HelpfulTech some changes can cause unknown side affects..

I hope you are right.

Would hate to assume something based on manufacturers statements only to find they neglected to test for it...etc

Thanks for your response


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