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Watercooled dual Threadripper mining rig.

Posted (edited)

So I am going to build a double system. 

The case is the thermaltake w200 so double sided dual system case. It’s a modular system. 

System 1 

-threadripper 3960x

-gigabyte trx40 designare

-128gb 3200mhz hyper x ram 32gbx4

-Eight 2tb nvme m.2 

-two 3080 

-the other two 16x slots are taken so not running 4 3080s 

-16 10tb wd red pro so far. I am only installing 24 drives in this system in total. I will use a 16 port sas card plus the 8 on the board then a nas for more cards later down the road. I could always swap out a 3080 for another sas card and add another 16 hdd. The case would easily hold them. 

System two will be a more powerful version of system one. 64 cores 256gb ram....



The systems  will be cooled by 2 560mm radiator unless more is needed. Then I will install two more 280mm radiators. All running on one d5 pumps. 

some parts have arrived 20 of the HDDs are here. I need to order more but I am waiting on a credit card payment to go through lol.  This will no doubt be a long painful build. 

I hope you like the second pic of the two Aorus master 3080 extremes thrown on top of that old junk case. Lol. At lease they are mining while I wait on parts. I have three 3080 waiting on this build already and am hopeful I can get two more when it’s time. 



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Today I built the case. Thermaltake w200. The board had a part rolling around in the bag when I took it out so it’s going back. It was a returned board they sent me. The protective film had already been peeled. 

Got the case done and some of the wires tucked in. Both boards should be here this next week. The other one and the replacement. So slow progress when I want it done now. That’s how this goes though. 


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Still waiting on the replacement motherboard and the second motherboard. 

got the 560mm radiators installed. The 64core got push pull and the 24 got push. Still got 6 more fans going down below between the two levels. 




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I think I am done ordering this kind of thing on Amazon. Two of these boards have arrived opened and damaged. Not new if the box is open and the board has no static bag, protective plastic peeled and board parts are rolling around the box. They know they are selling returned items as new and Amazon won’t do anything. Ordering from Newegg in hopes they are screening there sellers better. This is devastating as this project needed to be running this weekend. 

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Wish me luck. Going to try and get this side running. 

I have given up on the second system and am installing a cheap z390 asus prime with a 9400f. Why? I think I will eth mine on this side. I still have the 3960 but have stopped trying to get a other board. 1 out of 4 was bad and I am still not sure about number 4 because all I have done is get it to post. I am still waiting on sas cards. 🤦🏼

Here are the progress pics. 



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So everything is showing up. All four 2tb mp600, all 4 saberant rocket 4tb m.2 ssd on the riser card, the sata ssd boot drive and all 8 10tb HDDs 


I am waiting on two 16 port sas cards for the lower cabinet. These stack on each other. 






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