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    Never Never Land
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    Building things
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    Truck driver


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    9900k Asus Maximus Formula 11 z390
    3900x Asus tuff gaming x570 WiFi
    4650Gigabyte Vision D
    4650 x300 desk mini.
  • RAM
    9900k 32gb at 2666
    3900x 64gb at 3200
    4650g vision d 16gb@3600/
    4650g Desk mini 32gb@3600
  • GPU
    9900k Evga 2080 ti and 2080 super XC ultra
    3900x aorus master extreme 3080.
    4650g vision d 3@ aorus master 3080.
    4650g desk mini aorus master 3080 on m.2 riser.
  • Case
    9900k Cougar panzer eco rgb
    3900x Fractal define 7xl
    4650g vision d Fractal define 7xl
    4650g desk mini case.
  • Storage
    9900k 1.5tb on two 970 eco m.2 ssd
    3900x 32tb stripped raid(4x8) WD red and 2tb m.2 crutial and hot swap hdd bay.
    4650g vision d 256gb m.2 ssd
    4650g desk mini 1tb crutial m.2 ssd.
  • PSU
    Evga super nova all the way around.
  • Display(s)
    9900k dell 2k 60 editing monitor.
    3900x ummm 3@CX LG oled 4K 120. That’s set up at 7680x1440 (12’wide)
    4650g vision d lol 7” touch lcd 760p
    4650g desk mini living room 65” Samsung.
  • Cooling
    9900k custom water all around.
    3600x air cooling with aio on cpu
    4650g custom water 2x420mm
  • Keyboard
    Logitech all around.
  • Mouse
    Logitech all arround
  • Sound
    System sound all arround.
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. It’s all here except the water-blocks. I want to use the alphacool instead of the China water blocks. So I will wait for them to ship from Germany. Should be here in a week or so. They shipped Friday. Been waiting on these water-blocks 8 weeks now. I already have the 2 Arous master 3080 extremes. I am hopeful I can get the system together and done in a single weekend this next weekend but you know how that goes. I think I have all the needed fittings but I won’t know until it’s happening.
  2. I discussed a server rack build with my family and they want to stick to smaller systems. I was hoping to convince them to let me build something like this but no. I did convince them to build a thread ripper system so compromise.
  3. Today was time to clean up the back of the machine. Not super ocd but it’s clean enough. I also noticed the system still had some leg room so I decided to set it up with two 10tb wd pro drives and swapped out the 256gb m.2 with a 2tb. So now it’s plotting Chia on 20tb. I feel the system is complete and needs no upgrades. The motherboard and chip are maxed out. No more bandwidth left to leverage while plotting 4 100gb plots and mining eth at 280mh/s
  4. Had to disable upnp to get two machines going on the same network. Does this make sense to anyone here? I let my brother take over at that point to avoid the hammer solution. Was considering this after three days of no success. I still have hair so just in time.
  5. So somehow my TCP was closed when the power was tripped. I had to go and open the tcp in network settings like when I set it up initially. No clue why this happened. Completely out of my depth but it was a network setting in windows that changed. Why cant these things be fixed with a wrench instead? Much easier.
  6. Just really frustrated. Many are having this issue and no one has a handle on why this is happening or how to fix it. Syncing issues are a problem. It seems to be a porting issue but why a power outage would mess it up is a mystery. It may just be quicker for me to start over and put the full system power into plotting to catch up instead of it running them in the background. I also can not get my second machine to connect on the same network as the other one and still can’t understand the instructions on how to get this fixed. If I get it figured out and understand how I fixed i
  7. The power went out. I made no changes. 10tb plotted and now I can’t sync any of it. I am going to try upgrading to 1.1.2 and see what happens. Also I am now thinking it’s my network. It’s huge with 3 routers. I also see you can’t run two machines on the same network without some porting workaround so that may have also caused an issue. It just so new and the GUI is not great. Then there is the fact I am better with tools than keyboards lol. In reality I don’t know crap about networks, how to set them up, how that will interact with chia..... going to be a long road for me ha
  8. Lol I just went and checked and all the new plots are now not available. That’s now 46 plots gone. What the hell! This is a joke. No idea what’s wrong and no one to help. Hay if you are someone who understands how to use the command prompt and so forth this may not be hard. For me this is another language I don’t speak and I have a 60hour a week job. Yep chia is not going to be something I can do even though I have 70tb of drive space. mainly because it has no interface. missing the buss again....
  9. My opinion of chia just went down the drain. I had 30 large plots and we had a power outage and now we can not reconnect the plots. Lost a month of plots. Also there is zero community help unless you are a software engineer. Be warned if you loose power ALL YOUR PLOTS ARE GONE! To be clear they are still there but you will not be able to sync them. I am out. This is the biggest waste of time and money since you need to be able to write code and work in the command prompts to do this.
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone. I am more of a hardware person and can build just about anything but when it comes to software I am way out of my depth. I think I will try changing it in the registry. Assuming I don’t screw that up somehow LOL The reason this has become an issue is because Windows has been automatically resetting for an update it has failed to installed several times now. This interrupts the mining process and it’s costing me money. I even went into settings and select it not to restart automatically and it still doing it.
  11. I’m sure this has been asked before but I don’t care what it takes. If I have to go in and manipulate lines of code I’m OK with that. But I want windows updates gone. I am absolutely sick of windows updating and breaking my system or disabling my internal graphics in the bios or, unable to install the update and restarting my mining rig every day at the same time. Or..... I have 4 windows machines and this is becoming a full time job dealing with windows and it’s updated. I want it to stop screwing up my system. I want it to stop forcing resets. Any help would be great.
  12. Very nice. I want to build a server rack at some point but I just don’t have the space, or I would rather use the space for other things lol.
  13. I get about 30% higher hash rate on water. Here is a video of a direct side by side with the same cards. Three on water and two on air. Is it worth it? I will let you decide. <removed by staff>
  14. This is why I water cool my mining rigs.
  15. Thanks. When I suggested to my family that we use some of the considerable funds we have in crypto to reinvest in mining the main problem was where can we put the loud racks. Since that had no answer I suggested that I build in a silent closed case with water cooling and once we looked at the cost and the price of lite coin we decided to build quiet system that could go in the corner of any room and not bother anyone.