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Hard Drive Stock - Retail and OEM Bait and Switch

First, apparently mechanical hard drives, particularly in capacities over 8TB are being hit by the global computer part shortage.Big box retail doesn't have any over 8TB (Microcenter and Best Buy) and although you can order some at Best Buy or New Egg or Amazon, prices are +20% or more from December.


IN ADDITION, if you try to order at New Egg or Amazon, the reviews are FULL of people being ripped off by repackaged OEM drives that have ZERO manufacturer's warranty (instead of 3 to 5 years as the drive model would otherwise indicate). If you are lucky, the reseller (when it's even clear it is a reseller) will honor the stated warranty... many times the user experience is SOL...


So... anyone have any reliable online retailers for 10TB+ drives or are we all just stuck waiting until all this crap works its way out through mid-2022 (which is what I have seen in a number of places ESPECIALLY for video cards and CPUs not-Intel)?


I picked a bad time to come into enough money to finally buy all the things I want for my PC rather than just what I can get by with. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Where are you seeing these prices increases? Looking at amazon price history, drive seem to be pretty cheap now., and no major price increases









I have bought a good amount of hdds off newegg and amazon and there moslty find. Make sure its from newegg and amazon, and not a third party seller and your normally fine 



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Look at external drives, you could always take them out of the case, but it voids the warranty. I just got an 8 terabyte external for 130 dollars and shucked it. You could always settle for multiple 6 or 8 terabyte drives instead of fewer larger drives depending on use case.

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