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  1. Get the ironwolf, it's a higher quality cmr drive, will be more durable and most likely last longer, plus will be a lot faster at random writes.
  2. They will work fine. There is time limited error recovery in Nas drives which means the drive will give up more easily on some errors, but it's unlikely to make a difference because ussuly if a drive can't solve an error quickly it won't be able to solve it with more time. I have a few ironwolfs I use in desktops, because when I bought them cheaper smr consumer grade drives were nearly the same price, and cmr Nas drives will last longer/are more durable, I have the 5900 and 7200 rpm versions, I don't care about speed tho, if I want speed I will use an SSD.
  3. I would get a Seagate 2.5 inch external, because you can take them out if the usb 3 cases if you decide to use it internally, other brands you can't beacuase the drive is soldered to the usb 3 enclosure. And these arnt "gaming" hard drives, just normal hard drives, that probably use smr because they are 2.5 inch, which won't effect read speeds for games, writes will be slower but for downloading from the internet you probably won't notice unless you have really good speeds.
  4. Anything better than a 1070 is way overkill for even the best cpu that board can take, get a 1050 to, unless you play at 4k ultra settings, you will be bottlenecked really bad.
  5. Probably won't do much photoshop, if I do I will just dabble around nothing serious. I will probably use it to play my large collection of games, and as long is it can run future games at 720p 30 fps I'm fine with that, cuz it will be a backup to my main card in a different pc, and a backup dosn't need to be able to run my future games well, just run them at a playable frame rate at lowest settings. My this card should be able to run most of my favorite games at high/ultra settings 1080p or medium/high 1440p.
  6. Plus my 2060 has 6 gigs of vram, and the 5500 xt has 50 percent less and is approx 50 percent weaker, so it makes sense.
  7. But for a media center, I'm not picky, and my favorite games arnt super new anyway, hell skyrim is 10 years old and its more fun to me than any newer games.
  8. Idk about 3 years, depends on your definition of usable I guess, 30 fps lowest settings is usable to me, I don't play lowest settings 30 fps but if it was my only option I would consider it "usable". I get what your saying, 8 gigs if vram is required for the future, but getting 8 gig 580s or 5500xts won't future proof it because its not just the vram that will hold it back in the future, it's the gpu itself.
  9. A 45 dollar difference and a possibly longer backorder wait because larger demand for 8 gigs. I won't use these cards at 1440p, but if something happens to my rtx 2060 and the market sucks or I'm broke I will, I trust all my games will be playable in that emergency senerio. So by the time t we cards go over 4 gigs, in most senerios your getting under 30 fps anyway?
  10. Hey, I'm sure this has been asked before in the past, but it's 2021, maybe things have changed. These are all amd cards with similar preformance so I kinda treat them all the same. I have a 570 and am getting a 5500 xt for one of my PCs. Are these cards powerful enough to be bottlenecked by 4 gigs of vram? Is there any senerio were 8 gigs would be worth it?
  11. I got mine for 50 used from Amazon warehouse, less than half normal price, I would have never bought it for normal price when there's cheaper options that are just as good.
  12. They arnt making them, just buying them and putting a sticker on them, but the Asus one is a good one I hear.
  13. Yea, I think I'm going to sell the evga w1s and not even use them in my systems I care less about, I will use the evga GD 500 watt in the system I don't care for and a supernova or Asus rog strix 550 watt I got a warehouse deal on in my rtx 2060 build, better safe than sorry, plus I want my boards to last a long time because they don't make them anymore.
  14. makes sense, I will never buy a crap psu again, and what happened to your review site, was was trying to access it the other day and all links are dead. and how that evga gd psu in my other thread, is it decent enough to safley power my i7 6700k and rtx 2060?