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  1. I can also do the thing in disk management were you dismount or whatever and that works, but I think disabeling is better because when I dismount I can still see the discs in crystal disc info, when I disabled I couldn't.
  2. so I set up my computer to be dual boot(at bios level). I have 2 boot SSDs with windows that have/don't have access to certain hard drives. I disabled certain drives in both of my windows installs in device manager and also made it so the c/boot drives cant see each other. will windows ever randomly reenable the disabled drives because an update or something and mess up my separation between drives/boots or will it stay like this indefinitely? on one of the boots I have a normal windows install with a Microsoft account and internet, and the other one I have a windows install with as local acco
  3. I like linux and all, but a lot of things wont run on it, which is Microsofts fault a lot of the time because copyright bogus, not knocking linux. Like you cant take parts of windows and just implant them in linux, the most you can do legally is an emu i think(wine). I wish there was a linux distro that could run any windows and any linux program without any third party software(like a future version of wine built into the os). wine needs to get to the point were programs that dont let you run on Linux(deuvo games) cant tell the difference and will run. it needs to make the program 100 percent
  4. Look at external drives, you could always take them out of the case, but it voids the warranty. I just got an 8 terabyte external for 130 dollars and shucked it. You could always settle for multiple 6 or 8 terabyte drives instead of fewer larger drives depending on use case.
  5. Almost positive this drive is smr, it's an external that I shucked because I changed my mind about wanting to have my backups on externals(because the usb controller can break and some drives encrypt data so you need the original case to read drive contents). Are SMR drives reliable enough for archival? I don't care about speed if it's slow I can just let it go overnight, I just need it to be able to reliably store data and I will read and write to it occccialy. Also do smr drives only start to get slow when you fill them up a lot? I only have like 2.5 terbytes of data on it right now but if I
  6. You can get a used 1050 ti on ebay for like 160ish at the lowest, it's pretty easy to spot fake cards but make sure not to get ones of the weird looking ones that looks nothing like a legitimate model.
  7. the best brand would be a brand that uses high quality STANDARD PARTS, so it will last, and if something does happen out of warranty, you can always fix it yourself without having to hunt for special proprietary parts on eBay. apple uses high quality parts for sure, its not cheap crap, but the os and hardware is complely locked down so I would never buy or recommend one. like I understand thin and light laptop require some not standard parts I guess, but the full size desktops are proprietary too which makes no sense. plus you can diy something with the same or even better components for cheap
  8. I ordered m discs from multiple sources, there seems to be some differences in the discs even though they are the same model and have the same disc id (MILLEN-MR1-000) and info in img burn. I got some from b and h, some from amazon, some from newegg and some from ebay(a seller with a long time account and thousands of good reviews 99.9 percent positive). Here's a side by side of some of the discs that look different. Nethier of these look anything like my cheap lth organic discs so I don't think they are fakes, but I want to make sure, I have a feeling it's just different batches. Or older/new
  9. "we care so much about the environment and our costumers" proceeds to make it impossible to fix your device, not sell replacement parts, and make everything ultra proprietary.
  10. there's a good chance it could support it and has the necccery hardware, but nvidia likes putting up invisible walls.
  11. if you are going to go cheap, name brand cheap units usually at least have decent protection.
  12. Its a solid card, in this current market getting one under 400 would be great. Luckily I got one before the 3000 launch for 300 new. It's not much worse than the 3060, no shame in getting a new one now.
  13. Even a cheaper name brand psu like evga w1 would have been a MUCH better option.
  14. Dosn't support that new rtx and dlss stuff, but for rasterazation the 2060 is a tiny bit worse than the 1080 and the 3060 is a little better. Not many games use rtx yet and it's too demanding anyway, dlss is pretty nice tho if you play stuff that supports it, but get the 1080 if you need the card and it's cheaper than alternatives.
  15. I would have gotten like a gtx 660/750 ti at the very least, it can play newer triple a games low settings 720/1080p 30 fps.