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  1. ok good, i archive all drivers because I dont want to depend on someones servers to get my stuff working, if i can at least get basic audio without drivers that good enough for me.
  2. so brand new motherboard audio should work with the basic ms driver last updated in 2019? its working on my z490 board, on newer z590 boards and such I assume it would also work?
  3. most of my headphones are sub 100 dollars and i listen to lossy audio files, I dont think the sample rate thing will matter for me at all. so the windows 10 audio driver works with absolutely anything? my dac, speakers and mobo audio port are all using the Microsoft driver, I never even knew there were audio drivers on mobo websites until I saw them on gigabytes website.
  4. will the widows basic audio driver built into the iso work with any real-tech built in motherboard sound card or are there exceptions? ive never installed motherboard audio drivers and ive never had a problem, should i be installing the realtech drivers for motherboard audio? now I use a dac for the most part but still have speakers hooked up to the mobo in my secondary pc.
  5. I would hope they wouldn't outright block installations, that would be very petty and make me loose all respect for Intel and 100 percent buy an amd cpu next time even if Intel is faster by the Time I upgrade way off in the future.
  6. Alder lake will require windows 11 so you can't install 10 on it? Glad I just got a 10700kf. Enough power to last a very long time. Why would Intel help Microsoft like this? What's in it for them?
  7. After I fixed the voltage I was getting low 70s with 4 ghz all core with a middle of the road cpu cooler(not high end). For some reason on my msi z490 a pro the cpu was receiving way more volts than it needed and was overheating beacause of that(plus like I said, middle of the road cooler).
  8. possible, ive never heard of highpower before so i dont know if its a bad psu or not.
  9. Cpu is fine so far with 1.21 volts 4 ghz all cores, might keep going and see how high of a clock speed I can get with this voltage, cpu temps in low 70s.
  10. could this cpu handle like a fixed 4 ghz or 4.2 if I keep my voltage the same? and I was just stressing the cpu, if my gpu was also running I probably would have had higher temps. and I ever put this cpu in a b560 board down the road, what would happen? same problem or would that board not feed the cpu way to much voltage. and I want this cpu/board to last a very long time, at what temps does the cpu start to damage itself?
  11. Running cinebench now with 1.21 volts temps are slightly below 70c so far with an aggressive fan curve cpu all core 3.8 his stock speed. I set voltage to override mode I'm bios so it wouldn't boost way too high again. Why did MSI make this thing run so hot out of the box? I didn't plan on overlooking I thought I could just build the PC not adjust any of settings and be fine, is this the case with other boards? And If I ever use this in a different system with a b560 board would this happen? And if it did can I even adjust the voltage on a b560 board or would I be doomed to run super hot?
  12. Picture taken durning cininench before it throttled edit did a quick search seems like this voltage is way overkill and extremely high for running this cpou at stock, wonder why my msi board did this, maybe I should manually adjust voltage?
  13. I set turned off all turbo boost in bios settings so it didn't surpass it's base clock, when I run cinibench it throttles after a few mins(when it hits 90c) the cpu is in the 30-40s in the bios. It it possible the cpu actually runs this hot or is it more likely an issue with mounting or the thermal paste I used? I used the deep cool thermal paste it came with I will check mounting pressure now.
  14. Here's a picture of hardware info sensors durning cinebench It throttled right after I took this picture beacause I set it to throttle at 90c to avoid damaging my cpu. I'm pretty sure I got the cpu to run at stock with xmo enabled in bios settings, anything I should do to make sure it is actually running at stock speeds?