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PC Gaming - 4K In-Game resolution setting on a 144Hz 2K Monitor?

Hi Friends

I have had this query for a long time now!

Choosing 4K In-Game resolution settings and playing it on a 2K 144Hz monitor will cause any performance and display issues?


Should I always keep my In-Game resolution setting at 2K for the best gameplay experience on my 2K monitor?

Kindly provide your inputs.

For the best gameplay performance and experience, is it recommended to match the In-Game resolution setting with the Monitor resolution?


Thanks in advance :)

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It depends on the game. 

With higher rendering resolutions the GPU does more work so the frames go down. 

If your goal is more frames, not a good move.


Reasons to use it. 

Rendering at a higher resolution is a form of anti aliasing so it may be a good substitute if the game anti aliasing is not good.

Possible more detail in distant objects. This is for games like Horizon Zero Dawn that have lots of distant objects and runs fine at 60fps. 


 Reasons not to use it.

When the games textures do not benefit from 4k.

When it brings the frame rate down below 60fps.


I game at 4k and have tested rendering at 8k and TAA does a better at anti aliasing but distant objects are sharper in the 8k render.

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