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  1. Right now I am using a 49" LG NamoCell 85 TV as a monitor. It is HDMI 2.1, IPS, 4k 120hz with a 30 series card.
  2. The CPU benches and gamed in the 60s so heat was never an issue. The only test I did with CPU data was at 3440 X 1440 since at was my gaming resolution at he time. As you can see Heaven renders on one thread.
  3. I tested Heaven with my i7 8086k stock and with a 5.1ghz overclock. Here is the results.
  4. If you want to order one go through Newegg. They are cheaper than the openbenchtable website.
  5. It is called PC and it is set to deep color. I expect it to do 4k 120hz with a HDMI 2.1 video card but they won't do YCbCr420 4k 120hz now. The NanoCell does.
  6. The B9s are using V500.02 but with a 2080 ti they only show 4k 60hz and 1440 120hz.
  7. With my LG B9 only 1440p 120hz comes up in the Nvidia menu. I have no use for the setting since I am a 4k eye candy gamer but find it interesting that it is there.
  8. Thanks. I tossed all my old 2.0 cables since I expected to have 30 series cards by now. Little did I know. Why would the NanoCell support this and not the OLEDs? It seems like a selling point to me. I guess now I can play Fortnight at 4k 120hz even before a get a 30 series card, not that I ever wanted to.
  9. Need experts to explain this to me. I was playing around with my LG NanoCell 85 TV and got 4k 120hz. It is with a EVGA 1080 ti SC2 with an HDMI 2.1 cable. My OLED TVs I only get 4k 60 with a 2080 ti. Here is what it looks like in the Nvidia control panel.
  10. 2080 ti GPUs are either A or non A. The non As have a 280 watt power limit so they run at lower mhz and are not overclocked by the board partners. By contrast my EVGA FTW3 Ultra has a power limit of 373 watts. A good example is the EVGA Black with a boost clock of 1545mhz. Your GPU = TU102-300A-K1-A1 EVGA Black = TU102-300-K3-A1
  11. I tried using one as a monitor and in just over a year I got burn-in. It was Chrome that did it. Not a bright logo. I still use OLEDs for gaming but not browsing or forums.
  12. I like lots of enemy NPCs in my games so I use Mods like : Endless Warfare Lots More Settlers and Enemies NPCs Travel War Of The Commonwealth - Spawns (Includes Far Harbor Spawns) -UPDATED- (For the VR version of Fallout 4) I play as a Minuteman so: We Are The Minutemen I like to build settlements so: Red Rocket Settlements University Point Settlement Season Pass Edition Mystic Pines Settlement Home Reeb Marina Settlement Breakheart Banks Settlement Season Pass Edi
  13. As long as you don't use one as a monitor you will be fine.
  14. 6 cores is good for now but how long will now last. I have a 6 core gaming PC and a 10 core gaming PCs. In one game the 10 core is 15 frames faster with the same GPU so I am done with 6 cores.
  15. I have LG OLEDs but I also have a 49" LG NanoCell 85. It is IPS, VRR, 120hz 4k with HDMI 2.1. Basically a PS5 ready TV. It does 1440p quite well. Not as good as the OLEDs but better than my 4k monitors. I am using it with a GTX 1080 ti so 1440p 120hz and 4k 60hz. It compares very well with the OLEDs in games and browsing but falls short in movies and content like Netflix and Hulu. It is a lot better at it than any of the monitors I own like my 32" LG 4k60hz VA or my 38" 3840 X 1600 IPS ultrawide. They have that too small feeling when watching a movie. I do
  16. Some modern LG TVs do display at 1440p. The 2020 LG NanoCell 85 does 1440p 120hz. LG OLEDs 2019 on do 1440p 120hz as well.
  17. I have NanoCell about 15" away from the OLED so it is easy to compare. It is not a good replacement of the OLEDs but it is a good one for any 4k 60z and 1440p 75hz monitor. The NanoCell looks fine for doing things like forums, browsing and Youtube but dose not compare in HDR Movies and eye candy games. I mainly got it for my test bench since it will be 4k 120hz like the OLEDs with 30 series cards. It looks better than my 32" LG 4k VA monitor in content and games but it does have issues. This review highlights those. https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/nano85
  18. I was hoping for 3 years on my OLED I use as a monitor and only got 1. Chrome burnt in so it does not need to be a bright logo that does it. The OLED I use for gaming only is fine. Since it only games it has less than a 1/3 the hours the other one does. The TV was bought on Black Friday 2019 and It took about 4800 hours for the burn it to show up. That is a lot in TV time but nothing on a monitor. If you use more than one gaming computer like I do, having one on an OLED is fine as long as you only game on it. I still use a TV for browsing but now it is a 49"
  19. 4k gaming mainly damages the wallet. Here is a comparison of RDR 2 at 1440p and 4k. At 4k the CPU is working less since the frames are lower. The GPU is about the same with 4k using more vram. With AC:O on the highest preset. The CPU usage goes down as the resolution goes up. The GPU is using more power at 4k than at the other resolutions. Both games don't really benefit from 4k so I played them on an Ultrawide.
  20. My seats are black alcantara with black and red leather side bolsters. They keep me in place while I am pulling Gs.
  21. For 1080p and 1440p 10gbs in not an issue but at 4k it will be soon. If you like to keep GPUs of years, wait. But if you are like me and upgrade every cycle get the 3080. I personally think Nvidia is done with the 2 year cycle since AMD is competitive so I expect a 4080 at the end of next year.
  22. If you have added Reshade and/or ENB the files would not be deleted when uninstalling the game. So check what you installed or uninstall the game then delete the game folder then install again.
  23. I use only TVs now. For general computing I use a LG 49" NanoCell 85 that is IPS, 120z 4k with HDMI 2.1 and VRR(FreeSync Premium). The TV so far is doing really well. It is hooked up to a GTX 1080 ti so 1440p 120hz gaming. The TV costs only $500 I mainly game on my LG OLEDs but I don't consider them good as monitors.
  24. That Samsung VA panel had a flickering issues with some AMD video cards so look for reviews on the monitor using the new AMD cards. My Nvidia cards had no issues. I like raytracing so I will stick with Nvidia. I am playing CP2077 with RT at 4k now. It is at 60fps but it is playable at 40. It is a must have now as far as I an concerned. I never really tracked vram when I used a 3440 X 1440 monitor. I think it is only an issue at 4k. The most I have used in a game was with Assassins' Creed Odyssey at 4k ultra and that was 8.9gbs. Not really. I and my S