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  1. I have 2 B9s. I think if I was into 4k blu ray I would have gone with the C9 but I only use the TVs for Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. They are also my gaming monitors and can do a perfect 1440p at 120hz with my 20 series cards.
  2. I use UPS for every computer mainly for brown outs. Back in 1992 my UPS was taken out by hurricane Andrew. Everything plugged into it was taken out as well. Fortunately insurance replaced everything.
  3. A major bottleneck to me is when you have the same frames at 2 different resolutions. Here is what it look like in GTA 5. GPU usage is only 45% at 1080p and 1440p was not much better. I played the game at 4k.
  4. I have a i9 9900k computer right beside a R7 5800x computer The 5800x is only slightly faster than the i9 stock at 1440p but a lot faster at 1080p. The i9 was in a editing rig that used a 2080 ti to do encoding in Premiere. It was replaced by a Intel 6 core because the i9 developed an issue with the 2080 ti. The 6 core i7 has a 5.1ghz all core overclock and can beat the R7 5800x and i9 9900k in games but struggles a lot more than the i9 did working with Premiere. So I would not recommend using less cores. To a 5800x your GPU would be the bottleneck. It is
  5. My R7 5800x dose the same on a 360mm AIO but in games it runs in the 60s and benches in the 70s. My Intel CPUs have a more constant idle but they and the R7 run cool when it counts.
  6. I have a R7 5800x and a i9 10900k. To me the i9 is worth as much as the R7 and the R9 is worth more. The same goes for the 11th gen i9s. The i9 dose better in AAA games at 1440p and 4k and the R7 does better at 1080p. Both are not overclock. I bought the R7 5800x to run my building games like Space Engineers that has saves a 1000 hours old and will not run smooth on an Intel CPU with a 5ghz all core overclock but will on the R7. The i9 can run them smooth as well with its 5.3ghz boost clock but with a 5ghz all core overclock it produces the same perf
  7. My R7 5800x does not run hot but it is on an AORUS Master. If I were you I would get the same board you are having success with and not take a chance of the build turning into a nightmare.
  8. My EVGA 2080 ti XC uses a 850 Watt PSU with a i7 8086k overclocked to 5.1ghz. When one of my EVGA FTW3 Ultra 2080 ti was on that system sometimes it would not display and I had to switch off the PSU using its power switch and switch it on again to get it to work. Now it is on a 1000 watt PSU and it works perfectly. I have 2 FTW3 Ultras and both had the same issue. I also have a 860 Corsair Platinum and a EVGA 850 gold and both had the same issue with the FTW3 Ultras. The EVGA XC uses about 30 watts less than the FTW3 Ultras but that is the only obvious difference.
  9. Games that like frequency will run about the same on both CPUs. Games that like higher IPC will do better on the i9 11900k. If I was building now it would be the i9 11900k since its extra IPC will give me more head room in my modded/building games. I also don't need the 2 extra cores since I only game. If I went back to doing 3D I would not consider the 8 core over the 10 core at all.
  10. There are always trade offs with extremes technologies. My solution was 2 gaming computers. One 16:9 and one ultrawide. I hope you find a solution as well.
  11. Is it like in this video at :53? If so it is a limitation of the monitor.
  12. I bought the R7 5800x for the higher IPC to run my modded/building games. My i9 10900k can run these games smoothly using TVB or a 5.2/5.3ghz overclock. The 5800x can do it stock. Since the i9 11900k has about the same IPC as a 5800x it will perform about the same with these types of games. If it was priced even close to a 5800x I would have consider it. I use more than one computer. For doing this(forums) I use my i9 9900k with a 1080 ti. For vanilla games I use the i9 10900k using TVB and 2080 ti. The 5800x will run games like Space Engineers that have so much content added that they
  13. It depends on the type of games you play weather to go with 10 or 11 gen. With vanilla AAA games they will run about the same. The i7 11700k has much higher IPC and that gives it an advantage in building and modded games. So with it you would be able to add more content to games like Space Engineers before it became a stuttering mess. With MSFS you could add more DLCs/payed mods before it became unplayable. If you don't play or don't plan to play these types of games don't bother with 11th gen. As for SSDs I use Crucial P1s. I have a Samsung 970 EVO
  14. I personally would not use a 240mm AIO on an 8 core CPU. I would use one on a 6 core. Non of my modern CPUs are overclocked but all of my older CPUs are so I keep that in mind when I do a build.
  15. I have a 360mm AIO on my 5800X and it does run cool. The only reason I did not put a big air cooler like the Noctua nh-d15 is that the cases I use are designed for AIOs so it makes sense to use them. Then you need a board with bios flashback like I did. I don't see a flashback button on the Asus Prime but the TUF Gaming X570-PRO and the Strix X570-E have it.
  16. You would need an older Ryzen CPU to boot so you can flash the bios to run the 5000 CPU. When it comes to heat it is all about motherboard choice. Here are two videos I watched before buying.
  17. Intel CPUs have performances plateaus and with the this one it is 5ghz. So that is where to start. I use 1.344v and that is good for up to 5.1ghz on my i7 8086ks. The next plateau is at around 5.3ghz. My all core 5ghz Intels compete very well against my R7 5800X CPU so it is the way to go.
  18. Most of the popular Youtubers ran the i9 11900k without using all the boosts so their "out of the box" numbers are a bit pointless to me. Here is one channel that used all of them. The i9 11900k is way too expensive and since the i9 10900k exists at the same price as the R7 5800x. Those are the best gaming CPUs now. I am keeping my i9 10900k. When testing my i9 10900k at stock using TVB against my R7 5800X stock the i9 wins at 1440p and 4k usually by 6 frames. All the R7s wins are at 1080p. Since I am not a 1080p gamer if I had to keep one it would
  19. Don't get it if you don't have an older Ryzen CPU. I did not have an older Ryzen so I had to buy a motherboard with a bios flashback feature. Also R7 5800x CPUs are a bit hot so a beefier VRM is a good idea.
  20. MCE is hot especially on a budget board. All my Intel 6 cores are manually overclocked to their boost clock and idle in the low 30s using NH-D15s. They run about 4c hotter using MCE and produce less frames.
  21. I have a 360mm AIO on my R7 5800X and it idles in the low 30s but any activity shoots it up to high 40s/low 50s. Games like SOTTR run in the 50s so super cool. By contrast my i9 10900k is always in the 30s unless it is playing games or running benches. So any random glance of the temps of these CPUs in idle, the Ryzen appears hotter but under load it is almost 10c cooler.
  22. I built a R7 5800x computer last week for the OLED TV I have in the Livingroom. It is a bit toasty stock compared to my i9 9900k but at 1080p it usually is pumping out 10 to 15 more frames. I use a 360mm AIO on it but it would do fine on a NH-D15 or Dark Rock Pro. If you want cooler go with less cores like the R5 5600X or i5 11600k. My Intel and AMD 8 core CPUs need about the same amount of cooling so a NH-D15 is minimal for me.
  23. The last test I did with AA was with Fallout 4 in 4k. There are parts of the image that I like with no AA and the are parts that I like with TAA. Sort of a tossup. Next time Dragon Quest XI is on sale I will pick it up. You have got me curious.