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Red Devil 5700 XT Stuttering & ect

Im having serious issues with Red Dead Redemption 2 and im not quite sure if its the game or its my gpu.


Ive been getting GFX errors even tho I didnt overclock/undervolt my gpu, or overclock my cpu or ram. Ive tried using vulkan api and directx12 and neither give me the smooth gameplay I hear others have.


Ive deleted the sga files which is kinda pointless because they come back anyway. Ive used windowed borderless, ive dropped settings and disabled full screen optimization and changed the dpi as well.


My drivers are up to date, literally had an update yesterday. I meet all recommended requirements for the game. Just not sure what is causing this issue. No other game has this issue BUT GTA V. Only happens with rockstar games. I had the same problem with my 580.

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