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  1. Im having serious issues with Red Dead Redemption 2 and im not quite sure if its the game or its my gpu. Ive been getting GFX errors even tho I didnt overclock/undervolt my gpu, or overclock my cpu or ram. Ive tried using vulkan api and directx12 and neither give me the smooth gameplay I hear others have. Ive deleted the sga files which is kinda pointless because they come back anyway. Ive used windowed borderless, ive dropped settings and disabled full screen optimization and changed the dpi as well. My drivers are up to date, literally had an update yester
  2. I had actually bought that and then looked at reviews on google and people said it could fry a pc so I quickly canceled the order
  3. I guess I could say my budget is $100- $180 range. Im trying to save up for a 5700xt. But true. I just dont know what psu is trustworthy. As ive said before, if a psu fries my pc its over. I cant afford to replace every part. Im from the United States. Prices on any pc component is pretty ridiculous right now.
  4. I know its overkill, but I just wanted to get a better psu im not gonna have to worry about. Plus I dont wanna worry about power if I decide to add more ram or fans and what not
  5. Hello. I have a red devil 580 8gb (which im looking to upgrade to a 5700 xt) a ryzen 7 3700x. 16gb (2 8gb sticks) of ram and two hard drives. I currently have a 500w. My whole reason of doing this is so I can upgrade parts as I go, without having to worry about power Sorry in advance if I respond late
  6. Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well in these hard times. Im kinda new to PC builds and im looking into upgrading my psu. Im looking for an 750-800w gold. But im pretty spooked as I dont wanna get a psu that can fry my pc. If that happens, its all over. I cant afford to fix it. So, if you have any recommendations that could help I seriously greatly appreciate it. Heres a psu I am thinking about buying. EVGA 220-G5-0850-X1 Super Nova 850 G5 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WDLTGC1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_.ucYFbY4N3EET?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1