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7 hours ago, Nayr438 said:

Deluge is, however personally I recommend qBittorrent.

I second qBittorrent

Lian Li O11  Dynamic XL  | Ryzen 9 5900X (on pre-order) | ASUS ROG Strix X570 E | Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB DDR4 3600 64GB (4x16GB)| ADATA SX8 M.2 1TB | Samsung 850 Pro 1TB SSD| Samsung 850 Evo 2TB SSD| EVGA HX 850W | EK D5 PWM Pump | EK Quantum Distro Plate | EK Lignum CPU Block | Manjaro Gnome Edition

Personal Website

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I use Transmission because it came preinstalled lol. Otherwise I guess I would have installed qBitorrent.

Main system: Ryzen 5 1600 | ASRock A320M | 8GB 2400MHz DDR4 RAM | GTX 1060 | 1TB WD BLUE

Server: AMD A6-7400K@4.3Ghz | 8GB 1866 DDR3 RAM | 2TB total storage

On the go: Thinkpad E440 | i5 4200M | 8GB DDR3 1600MHz | 500GB HDD

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I hate them all, including my recommendation for rtorrent.

Transmission is solid but lacks features.

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