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  1. How to convert Dynamic disk to Basic without data loss in Windows 10?
  2. Is it possible to show Kubuntu in Windows Boot Menu (Windows 10, 11) not Ubuntu GRUB?
  3. Can i update Kubuntu 21.10 Daily Build to Beta/final when it will be released?
  4. https://github.com/kjliew/qemu-3dfx How to get 3dfx working? I'm using Windows 10 and Windows XP as Guest.
  5. Can i update Xubuntu Live USB Persistent? I create Xubuntu Live USB Persistent with Rufus (external SSD).
  6. I installed Pop!_OS 21.04 using USB flash drive successfully. Secure Boot was problem.
  7. At the end. I installed Windows 10 with UEFI last time using USB flash drive. Maybe because this i can't install Pop!_OS? I'm installing Pop!_OS on external SSD.
  8. I can't install Pop!_OS using USB flash drive "Installing Pop!_OS failed, possibly due to a hardware error.".
  9. I can't install Wine in Ubuntu 21.10 Daily Build. The same in Ubuntu MATE 21.10. Something wrong with dependencies. Ubuntu - WineHQ Wiki There are not yet repository for Ubuntu 21.10.
  10. How to install older Wine in Ubuntu not latest version?
  11. I'm using Ubuntu MATE and default GPU drivers. When i launch Quake II RTX in Linux: "No Ray Tracing capable GPU found". I have AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series.
  12. I'm using Ubuntu and AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series. I have artifacts always at the same place in older Windows game.
  13. I select Evdev in Gamepad Settings and it works now with BT Adapter.
  14. I updated Kernel to latest version in Ubuntu 21.04 and DualSense Controller still not working in RPCS3.