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  1. I can't get working this controller in Call of Duty: Mobile. Works in other games.
  2. I don't play this game anymore on PC because cheaters. I use it only for benchmark. Any good game like CS:GO for Android?
  3. It was problem with wxWidgets. https://wiki.wxwidgets.org/Compiling_and_getting_started
  4. How to install wxWidgets in Ubuntu in Terminal?
  5. I have Realme 6 and battery drain is so fast.
  6. Since Limbo x86 PC Emulator is removed from Google Play is there any alternative? I downloaded APK but it crash on Android 10.
  7. Is there any good Android emulator for Ubuntu like LDPlayer for Windows?
  8. Is it safe to charge my Sony PS5 Controller with fast charger for mobile phone or should i use classic charger?
  9. Can i connect my mobile phone to internet through USB cable?
  10. I have Ubuntu Live on USB flash drive. Can i add Persistent on another USB device for changes made in system?
  11. It's working now. I reinstall Windows 10 (latest version).
  12. I'm using latest Windows 10 version. It's bug in Windows. In Windows 10 1909 works normally. I removed all NVIDIA drivers with IObit Uninstaller and reinstall and it's the same.
  13. I have problem with NVMe SSD Exclosure. When i connect External NVMe SSD Exclosure on motherboard (USB) device not recognized first time and i need to unplug and plug again and then working.