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rdr 2 and devil may cry stutters alot on start on rx 470 4gb sapphire

hello guys my rdr2 and devil may cry stutter alot when i start the game and after few seconds or 1-2 minutes it goes normal and never stutters no matter how long i play is it normal for games to do this or am i having some issues on my graphics card or something and my cpu is xeon e3 1225 v2.


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I would chalk that up to not so much your GPU, but your CPU. As a now 6 year old chip with only 4 cores and no HT, it's going to struggle a bit in modern games. It's probably overwhelmed with texture calls and other tasks and then smooths out when most of the game has been loaded. I wouldn't say anything is wrong, per se, but your hardware is getting quite dated.

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