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  1. only c drive or d also where my games are???
  2. i downloaded malware bytes several times and scanned but windows defender isnt working 1079139957_MyVideo1.mp4
  3. so yesterday i downloaded a keygen and then it disappeared right after download no trace nothing and from yesterday my firewall has stopped wworking real time protection setting say that this setting is controlled by administor and now some of my installed apps are changing languages by themselves i dont know what to do please help me
  4. Hello everyone i just wanted to ask if anyone can buy me pubg pc? cause its really expensive in my country it will use nearly half of my income here so just maybe anyone have it and dont play anymore or whatever Thanks!
  5. so if i play warzone on 100% load and gpu load 20% it wont damage the cpu or reduce its lifespan???
  6. i mean the game wont put load on the cpu then it will put load on gpu which i want it to
  7. ok then i guess ill keep playing on this and save my phone
  8. i mean i will keep playing warzone for hours for months and the game will only put load on cpu not gpu would not that hurt the cpu???
  9. but what if i keep playing on this cpu and it die after few months??
  10. i have budget of 105 dollars and i am getting i7 3rd in 100 dollars total by selling my phone and if i dont sell my phone than i just have 2-3 dollars haha so i can only afford i7 3rd or an alternative to it like you said e3 1275 v2