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Hello guys,


I bought an Asus TUF gaming B550M-plus and coupled with a 3900X and 2 pairs of HX432C16PB3K2/16. The memory is on QVL for use in the 4 slots.

Well, when I got all 4 pairs in I got random issues (BSOD,etc), but nothing caught on Memtest86 when running for 30min.

Then I decided to test each ram on each slot. I could get many configurations to POST with DOCP profile (A2-B2,A1-A2-B2, only A1, only A2, only B2), except when there was any memory on slot B1. 

When testing with RAM only on B1, I swapped the RAM with all identical 4 DIMMs that I had and still didn't work.

However, when B1 is populated I can get a POST when removing the DOCP profile.

The Motherboard is using the latest 1004 BIOS.

I thought about some issue with the b550m, but is there a chance of being something else? Like the CPU? 


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Hello boggy77,

when placing any RAM stick on slot A1 (for instance) it works w/o any voltage ramp. If that works, why would it need a higher voltage for that specific slot?

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