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  1. Is your Teamgroup 3200mhz on QVL list ? Assuming its a ROG Strix X570-E Gaming: (https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/SocketAM4/ROG_STRIX_X570-E_GAMING/AMD_Matisse_for_ROG_STRIX_X570-E_GAMING_DRAM_QVL_20190912.pdf) Also, I checked for Team in the list. I could only find models that accept 2 DIMMs slots, not 4. So, if you manage to make it work with 2 slots it may not work with all 4 DIMMs. Make sure you are using slots A2+B2 for dual-channel. Are you using any DOCP profile? Also, do you have the latest BIOS installed on the MB?
  2. Check if the cooler is properly mounted (thermal paste has full contact with the die). Also, you didnt post any more details of your config/setup. I would also check the memory.
  3. Hello boggy77, when placing any RAM stick on slot A1 (for instance) it works w/o any voltage ramp. If that works, why would it need a higher voltage for that specific slot?
  4. Hello guys, I bought an Asus TUF gaming B550M-plus and coupled with a 3900X and 2 pairs of HX432C16PB3K2/16. The memory is on QVL for use in the 4 slots. Well, when I got all 4 pairs in I got random issues (BSOD,etc), but nothing caught on Memtest86 when running for 30min. Then I decided to test each ram on each slot. I could get many configurations to POST with DOCP profile (A2-B2,A1-A2-B2, only A1, only A2, only B2), except when there was any memory on slot B1. When testing with RAM only on B1, I swapped the RAM with all identical 4 DIMMs that I had and still didn